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Woolly Pocket Presents: Andy Goldsworthy

British Artist Andy Goldsworthy is a master of ephemeral work, capturing the beauty of nature and tempering it with the fleeting nature of all organic things. Each one of his works is a collaboration with nature, and with each piece he strives to gain a closer understand of nature through these intimate interactions. Using his hands and “found tools,” Goldsworthy’s work is a celebration of the world outside the buildings that humans spend their lives inside. His photographs capture the sculpture moments after they are complete, afterwards the sculptures live on changing with the wind, rain and elements until it ceases to exist as Goldsworthy shaped it.

Such is the nature of the Woolly Pocket. Woolly Pocket allows the urban dweller to manipulate nature and incorporate plants into formerly inhospitable territory. Woolly Pocket can take over a wall, fence, living room or any structure and make you the sculptor of your surroundings. Our favorite aspect of Woolly Pocket is their Woolly School Gardens project that connect schools looking to start a garden with community members looking to support their efforts. Help kids get their hands dirty by visiting Wolly School Garden and find a school near you to sponsor.

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Woolly Pocket Presents: Lee Kwang-Ho

Korean Artist Lee Kwang-Ho portraits of cacti, succulents and other plants take a deeper look at the living objects around us that we take for granted. Lee’s work recalls that of Georgia O’Keefe’s in the way that their zoomed-in focus creates abstractions and make us look at these objects in a different way. Lee’s ability to capture light and movement while maintaining a soft focus on the subject gives the paintings an ethereal, dream-like quality.