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10 Cool Logo Designs


It doesn’t matter how creative you are as an individual, there are times when ideas just refuse to come to you. In situations like these, what you usually need is some inspiration. So, if you want to create some of the most amazing logo designs, then you can check out the following examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. BadgehuntingClub


This logo is an excellent example of how you can bring two different design styles together to create a unique effect. As you can see, it combines vintage flare with contemporary pop which makes for a distinct appeal. What’s more interesting is that it’s designed by the well-known designer Allan Peters. In fact, you can see more of his designs in the same format here.

  1. Wild Wild Wings

  2. BBC (Baker Bar Coffee)

3Sometimes, combining two different icons and visual elements can create interesting designs. That’s exactly what’s happened here. The artist Yuri Kartashev took two main elements of the brand i.e. food and drinks and combined their visual representations- spatula (food) and bottles (bar). He also cleverly adorned the unique icon with the highlights of the brand in a circle (Baker, Bar, Coffee).

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Daniel Ramosobregón Creates Wearable Art Inspired By Out-Of-Body Experiences

Daniel Ramosobregón - porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames with leather harnesses

Daniel Ramosobregón - porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames with leather harnesses

Daniel Ramosobregón - porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames with leather harnesses

Daniel Ramosobregón - porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames with leather harnesses


Somewhere between sculpture, fashion, and performance art lies the curious work of Daniel Ramosobregón. This Colombian designer’s wearable art takes the form of dismembered components of the human body in a pure white slate. Each piece is created from porcelain casts of the particular body part that it represents. Then, they are attached to gold plated brass metal and appropriately worn almost always directly attached to the body segment it mimics, creating a deeply psychological affect. It is as if each human body section is jumping out of its place into the air only to be confronted by it own body once again. Ramosobregón’s series is titled Outrospection inspired by the philosopher Roman Krznaric, who claims that humans must live towards the outside to truly know themselves. This meaning, experiencing life is how we discover and form our identities. The designer further explains the meaning behind his wearable limbs.


I have appropriated his concept while relating it to out-of-body experiences more commonly known as astral projections, by seeking to represent -in a metaphorical way- the mind being projected inside out of the body as a way of self-expression and representation.


These “out-of-body” experiences are represented in his work as ghostly and unnerving fractions of the body unnaturally detached. The most startling piece is the white, porcelain tongue that is only attached to the subject’s body by part of it being held in his mouth. Ramosobregón’s series Outrospection is a perfectly balanced mix of beautiful craft and amputation. Although the photos of his crisp white and well-designed sculptures appear somewhat unsettling, Ramosobregón’s work is unarguably delicate and stunning.

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This Is What People Would Look Like If They Were Shredded Into Thin Lines





“Scribbled Line People” is a digital collaboration between New York-based illustrator Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church. Part of a “3D Motion and Particle” course, the two decided to embark on this project after discussing how to create an interface that could incorporate 3D scribbled lines into photography. Mutually inspired by Rachel Ducker’s wire sculptures and Erik Natzke’s Flash paintings, the duo uses both Flash and Photoshop to reconfigure photographic subjects into shredded images that are gracefully incorporated into their background compositions. Ito says, “Our objective in approaching the visual, was to create a series of answers to show how scribbled lines could develop normal portraits into abstract art.” (via the creator’s project)

Rena Littleson’s My 2 Cents

Australian artist Rena Littleson’s “My 2 Cents” is a RENAFIED experience of the gambling world. A colorful and comical creation of paintings, installations, games, fashion, fun and fortune, inspired by the years that Rena worked as an artist for a poker machine company. Check out some of Rena’s earlier work here.

Eugenio Merinos

Hilarious sculptures from Eugenio Merinos, infused with a large dose of biting political and art-world satire. Think Ron Mueck with a large ax to grind. With appearances at Artefiera 2010 in Bologna, and ARCO 2010 in Madrid, 2010 promises to be a big year for this up and coming Spaniard. More at ADN Galeria.



WALEE’s insane digital portfolio.

Paul Brainard’s Healthy Libido

Paul Brainard’s got a healthy libido, there’s no doubting that.   He mixes it up with junk food, memento mori, geometric abstraction and political anger to create work that seduces and repels.  Dredging into the murky area of what the French psychologist Jacques Lacan called “desire;” defined as: what you want after you’ve got everything you need.  Cue the Rolling Stones, I can’t get no (guitar riff) satisfaction.  Brainard is bad mofo with a pencil, after the jump there’s some tasty drawings.  You can see Paul’s work in SF at Guerrero Gallery, and in NYC at Allegra LaViola for the upcoming group show Pornucopia, which is running from Feb 4th to March 11th.

Help Us Get Into A Bookstore Near You!


Alright B/D fans! Many of you have been asking us to get more shops in our stockist list so we thought it would be appropriate to have you suggest some good shops in your area that would be a good fit for B/D. Please suggest shops that carry art or design books or boutiques that carry other similar publications. It would be helpful if you could give us the shop name, website(if they have one), and location/phone number. If you want to go one step further run into your favorite bookstore/shop and demand that they carry Beautiful/Decay! You can have them email [email protected] to get wholesale info. With your help we’ll get the books in a quality shop near you!

Linda Gass’ Incredible Quilts Depict Aerial Views of The San Francisco Bay

gassquilt8 gassquilt7

gassquilt gassquilt2

Linda Gass stitches together hand-painted silk crepe de chine to create these colorful aerial representations of the topography and geography of the San Francisco Bay. Some of the image designs she sources from other publications, while others are completely her own, like her depiction of an imagined restoration of Bair Island. Other land features represented include the original Dumbarton bridge (opened 1927), the Southern Pacific Railway bridge (opened 1910), the Fields of Salt, the South Bay, and salt ponds. In addition to these quilts, Gass also uses paint, mixed media, and even the land itself to create work that consistently addresses issues of land and water use.

From her artist statement, “I use the lure of beauty to both encourage people to look at the hard environmental issues we face and to give them hope. My paintings are done on silk, a naturally beautiful surface, and I gravitate towards luminous, saturated colors, giving my work an optimistic feeling. Although many of the landscapes I depict are ugly in reality, my landscapes are beautified as I prefer to engage the viewer through pleasure. I am trying to create an attitude shift from feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems to feeling inspired and empowered to take action through the experience of art.” (via skumar’s)