One Guy Depicts 6 villian beards!



As part of our ongoing partnership with Feature Shoot, Beautiful/Decay is sharing Alison Zavos’ post of work by Photographer  Andreas Jakwerth.

Vienna based photographer Andreas Jakwerth set out to depict the evil beards of the world with One guy, 6 different beard styles, six villains and contemporary fashion!

The series ‘Beards of Evil’ combines the beard style of some of the more evil villains of mankinds history with contemporary, urban fashion. For us, it was interesting to see how nicely some of these styles would work with today’s fashion even though you cannot wear a beard like these nowadays.

I shot this series for the Austrian magazine thegap, which focuses on urban culture and music. One of their friends who had been growing a beard for about seven years, decided to finally get rid of it, so we jumped in and realized the series with the help of stylist Magdalena Vukovic and hairdresser Thomas Pavlidis. The model, a non-professional, changed his expression to fit perfectly with the style of beard he was wearing.

In the end the series never got published in the magazine because one of the fashion labels didn’t like the historical person we chose for their clothing.—Andreas Jakwerth

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