Susanna Starr’s Incredible Mylar Patterns

NYC artist Susanna Starr is known for her sculptures and hybrids of sculpture and painting that employ a range of material. From sponges saturated with gallons of paint, to painted, cut and layered mylar, to delicate wall works of wood veneer with designs meticulously cut out, Starr’s practice employs a talent for translating materials in unexpected ways. Hallmarks of her works are an exploration of formal issues of medium and process, a witty sense of play, and a carefully balanced tension resulting from the contradictory use of material.

Her upcoming exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery (April26-june 9th), “Psychedelicate”, is an explosion of pattern and color in the neon colored works that suspend ceiling to floor as well as hang in multiple layers on the wall. In an NYFA Magazine article on Starr, Stacey Gottleib describes “Mylar offered a way of working with pigment in its purest form, each sheet like a single brushstroke of paint, layers of which, when hung together in her trademark, cunningly calculated tones, also opened up a previously unseen, inner dimension to the work. In addition, transferring the lacy pattern of porous sponge to the new material necessitated a cutting device to hollow out the holes and so the pen-knife and meticulous handwork the cutouts required became a vital part of the process as well.”

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