Stephanie Davidson’s Internet Piles

Stephanie Davidson makes digital collages out of everyday objects. This may sound like an overly simple concept but her selection of objects and their arrangements are both bizarre and humorous. The  Cornrow pile after the jump is by far my favorite.

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Stephanie Davidson





Stephanie Davidson’s works are, for lack of a better word, super bratty. Like she totally knows it, too. It’s loaded with post-modern irony lost in the throes of youthful know-it-allness. (My Swedish friend calls them: Besser-Vissers. Better knowers? I always liked this invented word.) It’s kinda like wearing a scrunchie and reading the Babysitter’s Club while blasting Boyz II Men just for the kicks of a patronizingly late 90’s obtuse reference, regardless of how little I actually like it. Or, like staring into a gradient-laden orb slowly rotating a white wizzard in the middle of space. (PS thanks to Jason Redwood for the link.)


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