Custom Made Artist Rugs Raise Money For Children In Nepal

rug design by CHAMO

  Marcroy, the director of People of Print who has been featured with us before here, joined the Made By Node team (a non-profit social business) back in April 2012 to help curate and organize a collection of 18 designers from across the globe.  Each artist created their own graphic for a signature one of a kind rug design which was then crafted into a fair trade carpet, limited to an edition of 10 per artist.  ALL of the proceeds from the rug sales go to support a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen in Nepal.  Each rug is hand crafted by Kumbeshwar rug makers and each employee is taught literacy and skills in addition to fair wages.   The project already has been receiving some notable recognition from Creative Review, and Telegraph’s editor for Tent London.  Made by Node will be selling the rugs and exhibiting them alongside Pecha Kucha talks during Fairtrade Fortnight in 2013.

Marcroy continued on to tell me that “the scope for future projects with Node is almost infinite.  We are looking to keep the snowball rolling and get more people involved with this amazing project.  People can also start getting their own designs crafted at a fee.”
Here is the list of the 18 artists that contributed a design for this beneficial community project:

Donna WilsonBeatrice Alemagna , Sanna AnnukkaPetra Borner , Chamo , Benji Davies , Chris Haughton , Clayton Junior , Lesley Barnes , Jon Klassen , Micah Lidberg , Joe Magee , Geoff McFetridge , Neasden Control Centre , Patternity , Serge Seidlitz , Marcroy Smith , Kevin Waldron

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