Zsolt Molnár Illustrated Poster of Every Episode Of “Breaking Bad”


S01E01 / Pilot

S02E07 / Negro Y Azul

S02E07 / Negro Y Azul

S02E02 / Grilled

S02E02 / Grilled

S02E08 / Better Call Saul

S02E08 / Better Call Saul

Budapest-based designer Zsolt Molnár created an illustrated poster for every episode of the popular television show, Breaking Bad. It took the designer five months to produce 62 full-color posters, which are minimalist representations of iconic moments in each episode and include an important object or person that’s accompanied by a memorable quote.

If you’ve ever watched Breaking Bad, you’re aware that it’s basically an hour-long anxiety attack. The tension between characters and situations in the show is intense and suspenseful. It takes place in New Mexico, and in every episode we’re inundated with saturated colors of sand and the desert.  Molnár styles his illustrations similarly, like gritty texture with a pop color, like Walt’s green shirt or a destroyed pink teddy bear. They are contained in their compositions, and rely on symbolism of objects and colors in every poster.

Molnár has posted his handiwork on his Tumblr. If you haven’t seen the entire show and don’t want any potential spoilers, then you might want to hold off on scrolling through the his series until you’ve watched it. (Via Buzzfeed)

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Graphic Paper Cut Outs Transformed Into Street Art

Joe Boruchow graphic cut outs Joe Boruchow street art1

Joe Boruchow street art9

Street Artist Joe Boruchow is an expert at manipulating positive and negative space.  His work intertwines stark black and white graphic cut outs, often cleverly playing each off the other.  Boruchow’s street art compositions are made up of simple but powerful images, wheat paste posters in public spaces.  He interacts with his work, much like a stencil or etching, indeed, frequently creating corresponding cut paper pieces of his posters.  While adeptly balancing positive and negative space in each poster, Boruchow also give careful attention to the postivie and negative space of the city.  His posters can be found filling empty areas of doorways, windows, and walls.

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Levalet’s Wheat Paste Street Art Interacting with the City

Levalet street art4 Levalet street art5

Levalet street art1

Street artist Levalet more than only uses the public space as a canvas.  The artist’s wheat paste images interacts with the city itself.  His life size subjects lean, sit, and lie down on the surfaces they are pasted on.  He even incorporates everyday objects such as books and umbrellas to further bring his work to life.  You can find his work on walls, on the street and in galleries, scattered throughout Paris, France.  [via]

Classic Horror/Cult/Sci-Fi Foreign B Movie Posters

You can never have too many of these. Here are a few posters from classic Horror/Cult/Sci-Fi/Foreign B movies. Aliens, robots, vampires, zombies, slashers, babes. All the good stuff right here. If you’re having trouble finding inspiration for a design/illustration project, or just looking for a new stylistic direction, it’s not a bad idea to go over a few of these and loosen up a bit. Do it right, though. We’re not talking about straight copying or even borrowing here. Don’t be boring. And if you’re looking for more of this sort of thing, check out Wrong Side of the Art, a great archive for cult/low budget movie posters and stills.

Black Light Posters


There are some things that are just too awesome to be forgotten…. in a sea of trends that the design world is often forced to weather. Take for instance, the 1960’s revolutionary trend of poster printing called The Black Light poster. You’ve got to love the free form type, the over-the-top color, the hand-drawn graphics. How could we ever say this art is dated? This was Plus, these posters have the dual ability to look great in daylight, and look even better under the glow of a black light in a dark room, (that may or may not smell like marijuana). Everybody loves stuff that glows in the dark, even if they’re not high – though I suppose they’d be even more mind blowing when viewed through the colorful lens of LSD.