Blue Rooster Art Supplies Photo Contest!

If you live in the Los Angeles area then you know about our pals over at Blue Rooster Art Supplies. Not only do they carry a vast selection of all your favorite Beautiful/Decay books but they also carry a great assortment of materials for you to create artwork in every medium imaginable!

To kick off the month of June Blue Rooster will be holding an epic photo contest. They want to see and share what is on the edge of your art making experience. Is it a paint stained corner of a warehouse studio? Is it your walk to school? Is it the party after the opening? Whatever is at the periphery of your art, they would like to see it.

All you gotta do is email up to five images of what you consider the edge of your art. Each image will be judged on concept as well as composition. All submissions must be in by midnight June 20th. Send images to [email protected] with the subject “Photo contest”.

Winners will be announced on June 23rd.

Winners Receive:
1st Prize $100 cash + $100 worth of supplies
2nd Prize $50 cash +$50 worth of supplies
3rd Prize $50 worth of supplies
Four Honorable Mentions get $25 worth of supplies each.

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