Paul McCarthy’s Witty And Demented Sculptures

McCarthySculpture7 McCarthySculpture McCarthySculpture5

Paul McCarthy creates provocatively whimsical sculptures. Perhaps his most recently well-known sculpture is Balloon Dog, literally a giant inflatable red balloon animal. His other work seeks to assault the viewer’s senses in a variety of ways, either with sexual or violent imagery. McCarthy combines elements from pop culture and images rife with symbolism into erotic or abject displays that are at once captivating and, at times, charming. McCarthy also conflates elements of high and low culture, creating an aesthetic that seeks to challenge fundamental beliefs. His most recent work, WS, is an 8800 square foot installation depicting Snow White’s tale in typical McCarthyesque abject fashion, and on view at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City until August 4th. You can also read more about McCarthy and this work in this New York Times article, published in May.

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