Monica Cook’s Skull Faced Monkey Love Story

Monica Cook’s animation Volley, along with new sculptures are on view at Postmasters in NYC from now til February 7th . Her stop-motion animation fully exploits the uncanny potential of the medium. Cook’s laser-like attention to every millimeter of surface was developed during her years as a painter, rendering meticulous depictions of flesh. Her sculptural sensibility is attuned to surface texture, opacity and luminosity. These sculptures have the extra duty of performance in creating her animated work.

Volley is a love story, a beautiful and painfully honest one. Its protagonists are candy- colored primates who dwell in otherworldly crystal caves. This environment, and the bodies of its inhabitants, are colored, adorned, and vivified by powerful fantasies. Wordless yet eloquent, the monkeys dream of love. A skull-faced monkey seduces his darling in a blacklit reverie of efflorescent fluid. A beloved mother-monkey is envisioned as a levitating goddess. Here, love is the power to ennoble and elevate the beloved.

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Monica Cook Is The New Weird

Monica Cook’s paintings are weird, gross and somehow really delicate and pretty at the same time, I love it.

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