The Strange Beauty Of Mexico City As Captured By Mark Powell’s Photographs

Mark Powell is a Mexico City based photographer who has done an amazing job documenting his city. As someone who has lived in the city, I can attest that Powell’s images do the difficult work of capturing the gorgeous strangeness that is DF (Distrito Federal). It’s a city that’s at once ancient and modern, chaotic and simple, deeply catholic and extremely progressive, the largest metropolis in the Americas yet seemingly invisible. Mexico City┬áis hyperbole and juxtaposition and has seemed previously impossible to document in a sufficient way until Mark Powell’s photographs gave it some of the justice it so deserves. My advice: Paw through Powell’s portfolio, vote, and if the elections don’t turn out as you might want them to, jump the border for the next few years and get to know the urban wilderness of Mark Powell’s Mexico City. (via)

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