Lucas Simões Creates “Quasi-Cinema” Using Photographs As Film Frames

simoessculpture10 simoessculpture12 simoessculpture6

For Lucas SimõesQuasi-Cinema series, he stitches folded photographs together in the form of a wave and fixes them onto a support of wood and cloth to create the appearance of cinema. He uses personal photographs that he magnifies before bending them in this wave form. The construction of these photographs evokes movement through each successive image, sort of a physical representation of stop motion. Simões’ architecture and design background has influenced this and other works, some of which we’ve featured in the past. He lives and works in São Paulo.

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Lucas Simoes Cavernous Collaged Portraits

These cavernous collaged photographs by  Brazilian artists Lucas Simoes are the result of a series of interviews with his subjects. Read more about Lucas’ process after the jump.

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