The Obsessively Detailed Linocut Portraits Of Mircea Popescu

Mircea Popescu illustration2 Mircea Popescu illustration8

Mircea Popescu illustration1

Romanian artist Mircea Popescu‘s series Head Stock unravels the typical portrait.  These obsessively detailed pieces are linocut prints – the image etched, inked, and impressed on paper.  Portraits often become stand-in’s for the sitter they identify.  Instead, Popescu’s faces float independent of bodies and clear facial features.  The images  seem to be piled with countless layers hinting at a physical face and pointing to something deeper behind it.  The complexities of the Popescu’s faces reflect the intricacy of identities behind portraits.

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It’s always a good thing when a painter reaches into the toolbox and pulls out an unexpected medium or technique to mix into their bag of tricks. Such is the case with German painter Alexander Esters who uses linocuts to create the flat textured effects that pop up here and there in his paintings. This simple use of linocuts adds an unfamiliar depth to his painting technique that makes it stand out from the crowd.

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