Hilarious Letterpress Notes

dear blank please blank4dear blank please blank5

These letterpress cards are the product of a collaboration between Sapling Press and the Dear Blank, Please Blank project.  Dear Blank, Please Blank is a site which asks visitors to write short “letters” written in a  dear…, please…, sincerely, … style.  The letters on site range from humorous to sarcastic to bitter.  Several of the succinct witty letters have been put to letterpress Sapling Press resembling notes typed on vintage typewriters.  Here is a selection of some of Sapling’s and DBPB’s hilarious offerings.

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Letterpress Tutorial


Before everyone used the box that you’re reading this post on to create posters and prints there was a magical thing called Letterpress. It wasn’t the fastest method on earth to create beautiful typography but it sure was functional. Watch a quick how to video on how it was all done back in the day right after the jump!

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