Johnston Foster @ POVevoloving Gallery This Saturday


Johnston Foster will be showing a variety of recent works at POVevolving in Chinatown tomorrow including an 8ft mixed media sculptural installation featuring an intricately crafted skeleton ( made from plastic lawn chairs ) riding a small pony that has been assembled from pieces of old tables and misc scraps of wood. The entirety of the work is surrounded by a swarm of wasps, each and every one, hand crafted from bits of recycled material. In addition to the epic centerpiece, the artist will be showing 15 wall mounted ‘masks’ – each one, incredibly expressive and created from random bits of detritus, including tires, hair brushes, shoes, car parts and a wide range of other reclaimed materials. More info about the show at

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New Solo Exhibit by Johnston Foster


Sculpture artist Johnston Foster’s new exhibit,  Catch & Release, opens next Saturday, May 15th, at New York’s RARE gallery. Foster, whom we featured in Beautiful/Decay Issue Y, has always created incredible somethings from the populace’s discarded nothings, but in his new show Foster also focuses on creation as his subject matter. There’s a little something for everyone in Johnston Foster’s new show: sharks, tigers, hornets, unicorns and of course a pizza pie –  masterfully sculpted from a myriad of materials: pvc, bicycle spokes, marbles and a kiddie pool, to name a few.

The show opens on Saturday May 15th with a reception from 6-8pm and runs through June 19th.

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