Jeremy Willis’s Acid Paint Distortions

Jeremy Willis did a studio visit with B/D in 2010, and he’s been developing his work since that time.  His new body of work employs ultra-saturated color schemes alongside imagery that is being distorted and displaced.  Faces form and dissolve, bodies jump and skitter over water like flat rocks being skipped by kids on the edge of a lake.  The imagery revolves around figures of statuesque women, they are presented to the viewer in a way that evokes and defeats desire in the sense that they are there and not there.  You can see his work show, Jackie and Judy, up now at Allegra LaViola Gallery in Manhattan.  The title of the show comes from a catchy Ramones song, “Jackie is a punk.  Judy is a runt.  They went down to the Mud Club, and they both got drunk.”

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Jeremy Willis


Jeremy Willis had me over to his Brooklyn studio and we hung out and talked about his paintings.  Willis describes the paintings anthropomorphically – as wanting to be doing something human, like giving birth, hugging you or selling you illicit substances.  The majority of the paintings are big and surround you with saturated colors and chaotic space.  They do feel like they have an overwhelming emotional content, and the paintings reflect the messy nature of life.  Look for more from Jeremy soon.

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