Greg Hopkins Update

We posted Greg Hopkins work back in 2009 when he was painting heavily detailed floral patterned paintings. Recently I visited Greg’s site and was pleasantly surprised by the new exciting direction for his work. The flowers have been replaced by tightly painted geometric patterns weaving in, out, and into faux paint drips.

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Greg Hopkins


Subrosa, 2008, 48 x 48", acrylic on canvas, images via Sloan Fine Art

Back in January I walked into Sloane Fine Art and found wallpaper-esque paintings that were floral, decorative, rich in color, and do I dare say, pretty. I roamed the gallery admiring the intricacy of the patterns and its hand crafted details. I then discovered each painting had layers with one design overlapping another in drip-like shapes as if one flower pattern was splattered atop and its remains slithered across the picture plane. It doesn’t end there.

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