Faif’s Street Art Criticism

I’m loving the work of Barcelona, Spain based street artist Faif as of late. He’s recently been taking some well pointed jabs at the art world, street art, and pop culture as a whole with his wonky works on the street. Lets hope he keeps it up and other graffiti artists/street artists follow his lead  to never take what they do too serious. (via)

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DTAGNO & the Circleculture Gallery


Like graffiti? Me too! And you’ll find some of the best graffiti art within the city of Berlin. Perhaps its for this very reason the Circleculture Gallery is focused on promoting urban art & artists such as Daniel Tagno. This Berlin-based grafitti artist has been playing with the configuration of his paintcans into a tool he calls the gadget to manipulate their patterns; like writing with multiple pens in parallel, and the results are beautiful! Daniel also takes his art beyond the paintcan in his series titled FÜR SEMPRE and beyond the walls with his PAINTINGS.

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