Experiencing A Transcendent State Through Art



Almost a year ago,¬†David Abir¬†installed a sculpture in the LA Mart’s basement that forever rattled my experience on Earth. And now, after some time has passed, he has constructed several more structures that have only gone on to further enhance the feeling I grasped onto when I initially saw them. Sadly, it’s pretty much impossible to photograph the pieces correctly, since part of their mystique is the low ambient light surrounding the room. And when the flash goes off on your camera, you’re basically voiding yourself the enjoyment of seeing the greatest magic trick performed correctly.

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Phillip Toledano

phillip toledano-00007
Phillip Toledano is a photographer in every sense of the word, with an oeuvre that speaks incredible amounts about his interest and character. After our post recently about Nick Minton, I realized we hadn’t posted Toledano’s beautiful series titled ‘Days with My Father‘, which is also an incredible book. The project follows Toledano’s time spent with his father, and is chronicled with heart-warming/breaking words that bring the whole series to life. Please, take a moment out of your day to experience this series.

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