Liam Henry

LiamHenry3England’s Liam Henry takes wonderful film photographs.  They give a feeling of chilly, sparse, wooded exploration and wandering.

Check out more work at his site and his flickr.

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Mr. Bingo


Londoner illustrator Mr. Bingo is a funny man. He seems to specialize in doing drawings that come off as doodles a really cool and talented teenager might do in math class. Fortunately for him, his clients – which include the Mighty Boosh, Wired, and the New York Times – love him for it, embracing the very British wit present in each of his illustrations. Make sure to check out the entirety of the first project on his site (Tiny Acts of Rebellion) – some brilliant, subversive stuff.

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Andy Callahan

Andy Callahan
Photographer and designer Andy Callahan hails from Leeds/Brighton. He’s also one part of duo MOUNT MILK, who for the exciting stuff I feel like they may be working on, still has nothing on their website- may this be incentive to change that! I’m really interested in this kind of design work recently that places a large emphasis on photography and laying out of the design in the composition of the shot.

Sebastian Lester

sebastian lester

Here’s one for all you typography nerds out there: Londoner graphic designer Sebastian Lester is a typographer, doing freelance work for clients such as GQ, Dell, and the New York Times. He seems to specialize in this sort of formal loopy script stuff, which I find quite impressive. If you like his work, you can buy high quality prints of some of his designs here, though it’d probably help to be British if you want to buy them, cause the exchange rate from dollars to pounds isn’t so good.

Chris Gray


Readers of this blog may already be familiar with Chris Gray whether they’re aware of it or not. This is because he’s designed a couple shirts for Beautiful/Decay Apparel: Sex and Casual Apple. Based in the UK, Mr. Gray has been going off with some seriously good design and illustration work since graduating in 2007. His work is simple and crisp, evoking a certain playfulness through bold fills.

Michael Clark


I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about dance, especially when it comes to ballet. I am, however, a huge Fall fan, which led me to these videos of choreography by Michael Clark, a British dancer who famously shook up the modern dance world by staging avant-garde productions often set to experimental or post-punk music. These clips come from a 1988 ballet called “I Am Curious, Orange” which was scored entirely by The Fall. As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been much proper documentation done of this work, but these YouTube clips, taken from Charles Atlas’ long out of print film Hail the New Puritan will have to suffice.