Dimitri Karakostas

Dimitri Karakostas is a hard working photographer from Toronto, Canada. He’s made a whole pile of new work since we last checked in. His sometimes beautiful, sometimes beautifully garish images are the result of his dedication to the analog medium. Rejecting common digital editing has opened his work to a whole world of great tactile manipulations and experimentation, techniques often overlooked by other young photographers.

And hey, Dimitri also co-founded Blood of the Young Zine in ’08. Its a great project aimed at promoting and publishing new photographers, creatives, and troublemakers. If you’re in Toronto until Dec. 10th make sure to check out his work in the Dying Breed group exhibition at 285 Dundas W. This Canadian doesn’t quit!

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Dimitri Karakostas’ Toronto Youth

What’s photographer Dimitri Karakostas up to in Toronto? Apparently a good time. Must be good to be young in Canada!

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