Awesome Video Of The Day: Columbus-Hubble


I don’t know what the weather is like where you’re at but it’s officially beach weather in sunny California. It’s been so hot that even gramps is tossing on his bathing suit, putting on the coppertone, and blasting the jams at the beach. Don’t believe me? Just watch this video by Columbus after the jump and see for yourself!

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Adam Levene


Columbus, Ohio based Illustrator, Adam Levene, graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA, and attended Illustration Academy for an extended study. His illustrations have a very classic style to them with a very strong sense of narration. Out of everything of his work, I really enjoyed his portraitures. Not only is he consistently generous in story, but character as well.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Lovemachine

A galactic space ride courtesy of Electro band Columbus and visual symphony conductor The Crystal Beach.