Chris Gray


Readers of this blog may already be familiar with Chris Gray whether they’re aware of it or not. This is because he’s designed a couple shirts for Beautiful/Decay Apparel: Sex and Casual Apple. Based in the UK, Mr. Gray has been going off with some seriously good design and illustration work since graduating in 2007. His work is simple and crisp, evoking a certain playfulness through bold fills.

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Illustrator and designer Chris Gray


Chris Gray is a UK based designer and illustrator¬†currently working in the studio at Love Creative working with clients like BBC, Christian Aid, Playstation, Bollocks to Poverty, Absolut and Dr Martens. His whimsical, iconic aesthetic reduces complex thought systems to catchy graphics that evidence a strong sense of color and play. Chris Gray recently designed Beautiful/Decay’s smash hit “Sex” (pictured above, for purchase here) and “Casual Apple” shirts. Read his full interview after the jump!


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