Erica Svec Finds Beauty In Human Debris

Erica Svec’s paintings draw inspiration directly from her environment. Influenced by the detritus found in her Brooklyn neighborhood, Svec finds hidden beauty in the sidewalk trash, litter, graffiti, and spilled paint and tar that she encounters in her everyday life. Intrigued by the residual human energy retained by discarded items, Svec collects things cast off by others and reassembles them into small still lifes which she uses as the basis for larger painted compositions. The humanness of these objects is articulated both literally and metaphorically in her paintings as figurative shapes are expressed or implied by elaborate collections of items.

While Svec’s vivid, evocative paintings betray diverse influences such as the late work of Georges Braque and Audrey Flack, the result is a visual language that is uniquely hers. Drawing on abandoned objects and indexical marks of human occupation, the resulting works depict vibrant and invitingly dream-like alien environments.

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Audrey Flack

I’m absolutely loving these photorealistic paintings by Audrey Flack from the 1970’s. The paintings saturated color patterns scream 1970’s with its over the top disco sparkles all over and it’s kitschy psychedelic tendencies.

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