Next Day Flyers Presents: Conor Cronin

Conor Cronin’s portfolio is a must see for any fan of design and art direction. Playful photography, clean typography , and solid layouts arebrought together to create a well rounded body of work. Looking forward to seeing what Conor comes up with next.


Conor Cronin’s work is presented by Next Day Flyers, your one stop shop for rack card printing and other high quality printing solutions.

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Osman Granda

Osman Granda is a designer and animator working out of Barcelona, Spain. He has some kickass detailed illustrations that are just flat out fun.

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beendownsolong4 Maseman is Mason McFee: an artist, illustrator and designer from Austin, Texas. He is the art director for The Screamer Company and an artist for Cyclopean Records. His work blends illsutration and design with vintage photos. While his work seems to include a lot of geometric shapes and abstract elements, it also has a very organic feel. Much of his work seems to include natural elements, such as a wood background or a landscape image. Check out more of his work after the jump, or go to his website.

Avalanche Design Studio

avalanche_galerie_01 Paris’ Avalanche Design Studio is a collaboration between Alexandra Roucheray and Delfine Roux. These two definitely have a unique take on process, which seems to lead each piece down a path very distant and varied from the one previously worked. Perhaps it’s the hint of Dadaist influence I’m detecting?

Adam Rix

Adam Rix

Adam Rix‘ youthful style and creative edge has won him numerous awards and landed him gigs with top clients.