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Misty Groenendijk’s Gone Ape!

Monkeys and apes parody humanity in sculptures by Amsterdam based artist Misty Groendijk.

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Caio Fernandes

Caio Fernandes mainly paints portraits of faces that hold an incredible amount of intensity behind them. Intensity that could be interpreted as pain, doubt, or realization. Though the intensity we feel from Caio’s paintings compel us with curiosities as to what it all implies, Caio firmly states that the paintings stand for themselves.

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“Art Works Every Time” Event Recap & Party Pics!


Did we ever have a grand ole time at the “Art Works Every Time” opening this past Saturday! We had record attendance, with party-goers spilling out into the back patio and onto the streets!

The Colt 45 ice cream was a smash hit- more than the carbonated beverage you might expect straight from the can, the tasty treat was was more like a delicious chocolate gelato with subtle hints of malt. (That’s my best “foodie” review of it, anyway.) I didn’t personally partake, but a few Colt 45 ice cream beer floats were rumored to be…”floating” around.

Our t-shirts, with featured artist Colin Strandberg’s winning design, “sold” like hotcakes. (And by sold, I mean given rampantly given away.) Charlyne Yi’s humorous & raw lo-fi performance called to mind the anti-folk avante-garde musical stylings of the Moldy Peaches and packed the house. Colt 45 was imbibed by all (with specially-made brown paper back beer cozies). Good times abounded. Check out some snaps after the jump, and view the full set on our Flickr!

Thank you to everyone who came out, the artists Colt 45 and Synchronicity Gallery for making this event a huge success!

Artwork Of The Day: Mike Ruiz X Michael Jordan X Mercedes Benz

Mike Ruiz presents us with the ultimate (and completely not real) luxury collaboration. The  funny thing about this is that it isn’t too far fetched. I can see it now,  hundreds of sneaker heads waiting for days in line around their Mercedes dealership for the chance to drive the Michael Jordan Jumpman.

Corey Thomas’ Spiky but Peaceful Sculpture

After the cut, check out sublime sculpture from Corey Thomas, and a YouTube video of his process.These things are spiky and look dangerous, but somehow remain at peace with their conspicuously calm, desert surroundings. (via)

“I trained as a dancer then migrated to sculpture with a focus on creating narratives with form. Each landscape – and the materials found within – stimulate new content for my work in terms of stories about people, culture, place and form.” -Corey Thomas

Paco Rico

Artist/ Designer Paco Rico has done an interesting project in which he does “portraits” of people. What is so peculiar about this project is that he interprets them as a building.



Taras Hrabowsky

ThingPit from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.

Close your eyes.  Imagine a Drive-In movie theater, huge projections covering a massive wall.  Now imagine that the projectionist is sitting in a van and has no permission.  Instead of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, the projection is of some face melting graphics, like the above video.  That’s what you get with the work of Taras Hrabowsky.  After the jump, you can see some documentation of these guerilla projections.  Keep your eyes peeled, as Taras may be coming to a city near you with this cross country tour.

E. Deutchman’s Portraits of Presidents with Boobs on Their Faces

George Washington

George Washington

George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Ronald Raegan

Ronald Raegan

James Madison

James Madison

Emily Deutchman’s “Presidents with Boob Faces” are exactly what it sounds like: a collection of paintings of the United States presidents with breasts appended to their facial features. After graduating from Skidmore College, the young artist found herself doodling human mammary glands on portraits of her friends, and she soon extended the project to historic leaders of the free world. With the exception of Obama’s portrait, which is modeled after the iconic “Change” poster, each piece is based off of its subject’s official presidential portrait. The facial features of each man dictates the placement of the breasts. For Ronald Reagan, it’s skin above the neck. For Clinton, it’s the nose. Some of the boobs are painted from actual breasts, sent to the artist by friends.

While Deutchman insists that the work has no clear agenda aside from humor, she invites political interpretations. With the expected candidacy of Hillary Clinton in 2016, dialogues on women in politics have come to the fore, and we are asked to consider the gender inequality that persists in the upper echelons of power. There are few art pieces that exude the machismo of the presidential portrait, and in adding female sex organs to the idealized masculine visage, the artist subverts our notion of national power and authority. Deutchman’s use of pastel-toned watercolors heighten the feminine softness inherent in the work. A more naughty glance at the work renders it a scathing satire of contemporary politics and the corruption of high offices. Take a look. (via Lost at E Minor)