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Bye Caitie!


Caitie, throughout your stay here at Beautiful/Decay, we have shared so many heavy and introspective philosophical conversations revolving around alien life, true paranormal ghost photos, and calorie counting. Who will I share my innermost feelings of awe and wonderment at the universe and its production of such things as… sodas? Is life really that strange and magical? From the bottom of all our hearts here at Beautiful/Decay (and in Ziggy’s case, his stomach) we’d like to wish you a big THANK YOU for all of your positive energy and hard work. We are really going to miss you (and in Ziggy’s case, your blue “lap top bag” aka his bed.) You’re officially in our intern superstar hall of fame.

Caitie is also an extremely talented illustrator- check out her bright & bold illustrations after the jump. They are all laced with Caitie’s characteristic sense of wit, style and irreverence. Check her portfolio, hire her, and keep an eye out for her because she is destined for great things!

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Ave Rose Reanimates Taxidermied Creatures As Eerily Beautiful Robotic Dolls

Skunk Magic

Skunk Magic

Muskrat Love Music Box

Muskrat Love Music Box

Ave Rose is a writer and artist whose love for the beautifully macabre has manifested itself into a collection of undead, baroque-styled robotic dolls. Using tiny bones and taxidermied animal parts, Ave brilliantly assembles morbid objects into miniature characters, each one uniquely adorned with intricate clothing and glimmering stones. From rings on clawed fingers, to bejewelled masks, to a delicate, golden dress tailored for frog hips, the detail she crafts is incredible. Each creation is animated with motion mechanics, allowing them to move and sway along with accompanying music, like grotesque music box ballerinas. In an anxious (and sometimes satirical) collision of materiality with the horrors of death and rot, Ave’s living-dead creations ultimately represent the “beauty that can be found in decay and disarray” (Source).

This collection, titled Bestiary of the Automata, was featured as part of the 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show (2014) at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. In addition to her dark menagerie, Ave crafts a collection of other motion-infused works, such as mechanical butterflies and Watchbots, which are “miniature robots made of watch parts” (Source). Her works are characterized by compelling double-effects, blending beauty with the bizarre, technology with tradition, and youthful whimsy with the cold, mechanical realities of death. Behind all of the clockwork, darkness, and hints of satire, Ave’s creations celebrate life by fearlessly confronting themes of a macabre nature.

Visit Ave’s website, Facebook page, Instagram, and her “Artist Talk” page on La Luz de Jesus’ website to learn more. 

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Mark Todd – Power Fury!

MarkTodd-PowerFuryIllustrator Mark Todd has had work in publications like McSweeneys and The New York Times, and is now collaborating with Mishka for a show in New York.  “Power Fury!” opens on April 15th at 350 Broadway in Brooklyn and runs through May 13th.

Made With Color Presents: Britton Tolliver’s Deconstructed Grid Paintings

Britton Tolliver painting

Britton Tolliver painting

Britton Tolliver painting

This week we’re bringing you another talented artist as part of our partnership with premiere website building platform Made With Color. Each week we bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who are using Made With Color to create clean and sleek websites. Made With Color sites aren’t just easy on the eyes but feature powerful yet simple backend which allows anyone to create a professional site with just a few clicks.This week we are excited to share the layered paintings of Los Angeles based painter Britton Tolliver.

Where does abstraction and geometry meet? In what field do they cease to be independent systems and gel into one hybrid – something new altogether? Britton Tolliver’s idiosyncratic paintings are deeply rooted in this intersection. Neither solely abstract nor geometric, his paintings really entertain another idea, which is difficult to pin down. It is in the amalgamation of these different ideas and processes that Tolliver’s paintings find their own identity, somewhere in the middle of both.

See more of Britton’s works after the jump or in person on may 22nd at LAND’s group show “Painting In Place” in Los Angeles and in a three person show at Samuel Freeman Gallery in June.

Delilah Jones’ Collage ‘Portals’

Delilah Jones‘Portal’ collage series forms entrances into other worlds through ripping and layering found photography. The artist, currently residing in Portland, uses traditional techniques in the digital world to seemingly travel through time itself with her fantastical juxtapositions. More after the jump.

Lorraine Loots’ Microscopic Watercolor Paintings Of The Cosmic Universe The Size Of Your Thumbnail

Lorraine Loots - WatercolorLorraine Loots - WatercolorLorraine Loots - WatercolorLorraine Loots - Watercolor

Can you imagine trying to fit images of the cosmic universe into a circle only an inch, inch and a half wide? Artist Lorraine Loots accomplishes this with nothing more than watercolors and an incredible eye for detail. Watercolor is known for its unpredictable nature and organic qualities. Being able to control this medium in a realistic manner in such a small space speaks volumes to Loots artistic skill.  She renders her miniatures paintings on themed days throughout the year, completion date included.

In the series titled Microcosm Mondays, extremely tiny watercolor paintings depicting celestial images of outer space are created, one of which is a reference to a real photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. This project gives us other equally clever names, each with their own mini-series. These include Tiny Tuesdays, Free Fridays, and with a play on words, Fursdays. Each series having a different theme, guess what this artist draws on Fursdays… cute little furry animals! All so incredibly detailed, down to the last hair and whisker. Each series is drawn on different days of the week, and at the end of the year, a total of 100 microscopic paintings will be completed. What makes Loot’s small masterpieces even more fun is that once one is completed, it is auctioned off on Instagram! So now there not only an element of surprise what day she will post her delicate piece, but also a factor of chance as you bid to have one for yourself. Don’t miss the action and check out Loots Instagram here. (via MyModernMet)

mary Jane ansell

Now that i’ve covered spooky looking kids why don’t we enjoy the work of British painter Mary Jane Ansell who has stepped it up with her series of teenage girls complete with glossed over sinister looks in their eyes.

Natural gas commercial by Lovo Films

It seems Los Angeles has finally decided to warm up to us and the heat is slowly but surely attacking our foggy lovable city. I was trying to find something to post here that would welcome the heat wave back in LA after months of rain and freezing cold nights. Although this commercial is obviously targeting the concept of using natural gas in “winter”, I feel like if I could describe the heat in LA right now, would be a wool covered house.

The commercial is made by Lovo Films, a company that operates in Europe. They are known for making great commercials for companies like Belgacom, Coca-Cola, Telenet, Yamaha, TDK, Mio, McDonald’s, Gordon Beer, Center Parcs, Renault and Seat. They also have a “making of video” of this awesome commercial.

Now get ready to welcome the heat of Los Angeles with open arms~! HA!