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Studio Visit: Joe Bradley and Chris Martin

bradley joe chris martin and jeremy and redding willis

Joe Bradley and Chris Martin were putting together a book to accompany their upcoming joint exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash which opens Feb 25th.  That’s Joe in the center, Chris Martin is on the far right.  Jeremy Willis is sitting in the back, he arranged the visit for me.

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Monica Cook Is The New Weird

Monica Cook’s paintings are weird, gross and somehow really delicate and pretty at the same time, I love it.

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William Latta

William Latta’s sculptures remind me of Christo’s wrapped sculptures if Christo had a good sense of humor and clever titles for his work.

Winnie Truong’s Bearded Friends

Canadian artist Winnie Truong creates the coolest illustrations with pencil crayon on paper.  I am particularly enjoying his Ornament and Correction piece.  Who knew Crayola could be this awesome?

Willeke Duijvekam Beautifully Documents The Lives Of Two Transgender Girls For Six Years





For six years the Dutch photographer Willeke Duijvekam followed the lives of Mandy and Eva, documenting their inner and outer attempts to align their sex assignments at birth with their gender identity — both girls were born as boys.

“Willeke Duijvekam reveals how for both girls the radical transformation into self-confident young women was chiefly an internal process. Her subdued photographs show how Mandy and Eva are absorbed in their everyday activities, or in their own thoughts. They are two remarkably normal girls — the one more vivacious, the other quieter — who do nothing other than live according to the dictates of their feelings.” (Source)

Duijvekam presents this series as an ingenious photo book, Mandy and Eva. The best designs enhance the subject matter, bringing new interpretations and depth to the work without taking over the narrative. In Duijvekam’s book, the subtle photos of the two transgender girls are incorporated into an interleaved book. In the video of the book, the pages are separate but related, each girl always present in the other’s spreads, advancing and retreating at the turn of a page. It is a masterful match of form and content. The book progresses backward through time, reversing the expected progression and reinforcing that these are two girls. The bodies that they were born into are much less important than the bodies in which they have become themselves.

“In my work I am guided by what moves and surprises me. … Ideas for projects are constantly unfolding and possibilities reveal themselves around every corner. The trick is to be open enough to recognize them the moment they appear and driven enough to pursue them. Diversity is what draws me to the people I meet, but at the same time I’m fascinated by our similarities.”

William Edmonds’ Stoneware Ceramics

William Edmonds primarily creates quirky illustrations as one third of the UK based art collective Nous Vous (see previous B/D post here). He has recently begun producing a series of ceramics that mirror his fine art sensibilities. Intuitive use of color and free-forming shapes are prevalent. There is a sense of jubilation that runs throughout his artistic output. In his own words Edmonds is informed by “Mark and timbre, line and verse, form and play.”   

Awesome Video Of The Day: Baaa


I’ve been dealing with food poisoning all morning but I mustered enough energy to post this lil trippy video. Not much info on this other than “Experiments in ovine geometry” but it’s pretty funny and well worth a look. Watch the full video after the jump!

Sohei Nishino’s Collaged City Maps

Sohei Nishino photography5 Sohei Nishino photography10

Sohei Nishino photography9

Photographer Sohei Nishino creates unique maps to document memories more than geography.  An avid traveler, Sohei snaps countless photographs on his trips around the world.  By hand, he recreates the city from his many images as one large collage.  Not intended to be accurate representation, the ‘map’ is a record of the city as he experienced it.  He’s recorded trips to cities such as London, Paris, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Osaka, Berlin, and more.  To get an idea of the way the concept works check out the first two images – a ‘map’ of New York and details from the collage.