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Rona Pondick


Combining steel cast human body parts with various members of the animal kingdom, Rona Pondick has been riffing on the art world’s fascination with physical transformation for over a decade. Her animal/human hybrid sculptures look like the monsters in my nightmares!

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Emile Morel’s Digitally Surreal Universes

MorelDigitalIllustration3 MorelDigitalIllustration6 MorelDigitalIllustration12

Emile Morel creates surreal digital illustrations reminiscent of whimsical childhood fantasies such as The Neverending Story and Where the Wild Things Are. His illustrations depict dream worlds, often with children, and heavily feature anthropomorphic characters rife with bestial and primal imagery. His work is evocative of fairy tales, complete with a dark and foreboding element encapsulated in the “grotesque” nature of some of his figures and human animal hybrids. Intimate and highly allegorical, Morel’s attention to detail, especially in this medium, is impressive.

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Camilla Wordie Creates Edible Textiles

Camila Wordie-Design Camila Wordie-Design Camilla Wordie

Food art is back from the dead! And you thought that those crazy Fluxus artists from the 60’s were long gone…

Scandinavian artist Camilla Wordie creates textiles out of textures found in our daily eats. Her project is a synthesis of her love for both the culinary world and the arts. Edible textiles extends from Wordie’s other food-related productions (Am I chocolate or not? and Wearing Rice is Nice) which include tableware inspired by grains of rice and tables made of chocolate powder.

Change The Thought


The guys over at Change The Thought recently updated their design portfolio with a ton of great work for the surf/skate/snow worlds. Check out their bold graphics and layered motion work after the jump.

Night Lights

Night Lights is an installation project by YesYesNo, who teamed up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas, to transform Auckland Ferry Building into the fun-nest most interactive large scale installation project I’ve seen. From technical details of software making, to the audience jumping up and down, playing with this big installation project space, this video will leave a smile on your face and wishing you could have tried jumping and tapping as the folks on the video were.


CMRTYZ makes lo-fi, hand made posters and prints just like the ones to your favorite punk shows from when you were a teenager. It’s refreshing to see that some people are keeping the DIY show posters alive and still having fun with it. Makes me want to start a band, make my own flyers and play in front of 200 of my closest friends in a smelly old basement.

Hirotoshi Ito’s Rocks and Stones Look Like Anything But

Hirotoshi Ito Sculpture9 Hirotoshi Ito Sculpture1

When not attending to his family’s masonry business, Hirotoshi Ito turns a more playful eye to the stones of his work day.  Hirotoshi deftly works stone transforming it into sculptures that appear to be anything but the hard material.  Rocks look as if they’re thin skinned pouches, melting like butter, and laughing faces.  Hirotoshi’s sculptures – their playful forms and use of material – betray the artists sense of humor and a desire to pleasantly surprise the viewer.  Indeed, the artist’s statement says that his work welcomes  a laugh and a smile.