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Eric Lebofsky

ericlebofsky3Somethin’ weird and awkward about Eric Lebofsky’s drawings and paintings. I like his descriptions for the series he creates too: “A selection of drawing work from the earlier to middle part of this decade. Topics broached: systems of measure, schadenfraude, genetics, underwear, psychoanalysis, prison tattoos, man-shaped ice cream sandwiches, solipsism, violent rainbows, intercourse (sexual and verbal,) Arthur C. Clarke, C.S. Lewis, Ashkenazic DJ’s, The Upper East Side, and more.”


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The Heavens Smile Upon B/D


Well bless Saturn’s moon, if ain’t Mr. Roy G. Biv stoppin by to bend his multi-colored grin right on over the offices of Beautiful/Decay! And not one, but two heavenly bows of Indra gracing our window! We happened to notice this full bow, DOUBLE rainbow straight from our office window this eve, I swear! Ah, and then, it was gone….as Virginia Woolf once said, it was all just as ephemeral as a rainbow.

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Justin Clifford Rhody is the proprietor of Friends and Relatives Records, a Ypsilanti, Michigan-based music and zine label. I first became acquainted with Rhody through Smut, his powerviolence band, and through his eponymous acoustic project. He currently plays in (D)(B)(H) but has turned most of his creative energy toward photography. His photos capture the melancholy of declinist America; the decaying Fords in the moldering suburbs of the Rust Belt, the plastic-casts of statuary standing sentry over the overgrown lawn – the physical forms of our economic and spiritual malaise.

2012 looks to be busy for Rhody: a book of his photography, Sliding Glass Door, is slated to be published this spring by Bathetic Records,  a solo exhibition of Rhody’s photography opens at Skylab Gallery this March in Columbus, Ohio, and Rhody has an exhibit with the painter Peter Shear planned for the summer in Bloomington, Indiana.

In the meantime, Rhody plans to continue touring the states with his slideshow and to revisit Guatemala, the setting of a few of the photographs found after the jump.

Photographer Tim Navis

tim navis crystal2small_905Tim Navis is a talented photographer and a self-proclaimed ‘professional awesometeer’.  Beautiful models and gorgeous landscapes are the main subjects of his imagery.  Life must be pretty fun when you’re surrounded by beauty and spend your time professionally awesometizing.

Mauro Perucchetti

Mauro Perucchetti

"Precious One," 2005

Mauro Perucchetti’s amazing work is bright, fun, and socially accurate. Perucchetti’s work unites Pop aesthetics with social comment, addressing some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society in a way that is subtle and accessible, without being trite, shocking or obscure. Mauro is above all an artist who is connected; he sees the bigger picture and world affairs and has his finger on the pulse of contemporary society. Well played Mauro.

Rebecca Nassauer

Found objects are arranged and re-imagined into playful portraits and busts by London based sculptor Rebecca Nassauer. See more of her work on the Josh Lilley Gallery website.

Roxanne Jackson’s Grisly Sculptures Of Twisted Redemption

roxanne jackson sculptureroxanne jackson sculptureroxanne jackson sculptureroxanne jackson sculpture

Moving through a macabre world of paper mâché, clay and other assorted materials, Roxanne Jackson creates a gnarly wax museum population. In it, her themes of death, extinction and transformation mold into a still menagerie of Jungian imagery where half man/half animal, sleeping snakes, faceless figures and scary kitties are the norm.  Her lot of decaying citizens become eerily alive as they slither, gawk, and snarl at the world.  In them, a dark vanity is present, fulfilling our every need for gratuitous horror. In her Death Valley, Jackson uses familiar themes associated with the place that run parallel to her own work. Built around a faceless couple’s camping trip, we witness as they encounter human skulls, fateful hands, swans and Harpy; the half man/half bird creature who embodies the real and imagined shamanistic deities we often think of in these environments. Akin to a carnival master readying props for the eve, its outright Jungian excess takes us down a path which challenges expected norms. In Feed Me Diamonds, Jackson focuses on another transformative creature in the form of a mermaid. Except this pretty thing has a bullet in her head and seems to be drowning in a pool of debauched excess. In her hands, a pair of dice and a deck of cards tell us she’s playing with fate. In her mouth, a set of diamonds? Just another example of the grisly world Jackson inhabits which fronts as a pit stop for twisted redemption.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Golden Artifact

Since the weather in LA has been unusually cold and crappy the last couple of days I thought i’d bring some sunshine and warmth in by posting this music video for Sleepy Sun called “Golden Artifact.” It’s a trippy, sun drenched, psychedelic voyage through peacock feathers and butterfly covered islands.

Animation by Nadia Shireen Husain.