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Eric Timothy Carlson

Eric Carlson - Figures From Life

Eric Timothy Carlson is a renaissance man interested in all forms of art and design. His “Figures from Life” illustrations are some of the most beautiful I have seen today. Carlson reinvents already existing images by integrating simple, but bold forms that obscure or transform the subject. Also lovely are his print and typographic projects that he does in collaboration with Michael Cina. Make sure you check out his work in our upcoming book Supernaturalism!

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I can’t find much info on the work of Peruvian painter Jose Luis Carranza but I sure do love these fluid and juicy bugged eyed paintings.

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Doro Hofmann’s Hyperrealistic paintings

Exploring the darker roots of desire in the context of a highly politicized, acquisitive and image-obsessed cosmopolitan consciousness, Doro Hofmann probes at what influences our desires and how these forces drive and/or erode our ability to identify what truly affects our overall wellbeing. Complicating this discussion, Hofman asks whether it is at all necessary to place moral value on desire and the outcomes of pursuing it.

Drawing from present-day media, biblical texts, medieval Roman icons and the works of John Milton, Hofmann’s energetic use of electric colors and exacting hyperrealism painting creates imagined heavens of hells and hells of heavens. There, the viewer is left to decide where they are, where they want to be, and where they will actually go.

Super Intern Casey Grossblatt Passes Cult Of Decay Initiation

Casey Grossblatt

Casey Grossblatt is now officially part of the elite Beautiful/Decay intern Alumni. Casey goes off into the dark unknown to discover forbidden planets full of  groundbreaking art and design. During the Cult initiation process Casey posted many a blog post, drew eons of illustrations, and helped us ship out billions of orders to the mighty cult of decay all over the world. But before going off into the abyss Casey leaves us her fantastic design portfolio full of typographic goodness and hand drawn illustrations. Thanks for the hard work Casey and enjoy the AMAZING adventures that awaits.

Cornelia Konrads’ Anti Gravity Installations

Cornelia Konrads’ outdoor installations would appear normal on the moon where gravity is not a concern but on Earth they trick the eye and make viewers take a second look. Installing site specific works internationally, Konrads’ works appear to be in a constant flux, moving up, down, side to side and everywhere in between as if they areconstructing and deconstructing themselves over and over again. (via colossal)

new work by Sawdust


London based design duo, Sawdust, has recently updated their site with new works including their latest project – a poster for independent music artist, Angel–A.

Benjamin Kutsko

Benjamin Kutsko presents his latest video – a dark fairytale for LA based bandFawnhawk and their song Hunter’s Hide.

James Hopkins

James Hopkins
Every piece of James Hopkins’ work challenges the limits of human cognition. My favorites from his series (though they’re all really cool) are “Balanced Works”, many of which pieces in this feature various types of alcohol- drinking and balance? – good combination, and “Perspective Sculptures” containing erratically proportioned instruments that would make up a rock band.