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Textile Mugshots By Joanne Arnett

Joanne Arnett textile10 Joanne Arnett textile9

Joanne Arnett textile1

Artist Joanne Arnett‘s artwork reproduces mugshots in a uniquely meticulous way.  She painstakingly recreates these images as woven textiles.  Mixing thread a wire, the result is similar to a shimmering newspaper photograph.  Mug shots are generally thought of as utilitarian, empty of aesthetic, and quickly forgotten.  Arnett wittily juxtaposes this against the form of a tapestry – valuable textiles often passed on as heirlooms.  Interestingly, the title of each piece is the accused’s sentence.  For example, the title of the first image is “Two Years and a Fine of $2,000”.

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Caroline Larsen’s Painted Needle Point

These may look like your grandma’s needle point but they are in fact made entirely out of paint! Mixing a pixilated kind of neo-impressionist pointillism with the idea of textile weaving, Caroline Larsen‘s paintings are beautifully simple and yet hard to figure out. Her technique with oil paint is so expertly peculiar her viewer can be tempted to spend their time simply trying to figure out how she does it; this however, is a mistake, because her technique, impressive as it is, is fused to her subject matter in an inseparable way. Although her work balances formal interests with subjective ones, she invests fully in her imagery, culling series from her lived experience and most tenacious memories. Her current exhibition at Angell Gallery, P.A.N.A.M.A. R.E.N.A., records a strange and
menacing number of massive cargo ships, seen by the artist on her travels, notably in the Panama Canal. Reduced by her painting to pattern, surface and color but sacrificing little in terms of ability to reference the world (with all of its implications of economic and
environmental issues), these works are finally, simply of transportation machines hugely beyond our human scale. What they are about is the way those things affect us when we confront them.

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Timothy Gaewsky’s Assembled Life

Timothy Gaewsky’s installations and assemblages are full of pop sensibilities and bold colors.

Sponsored Post: Sleeklens And Lightroom – Take Your Pictures To The Next Level





If you are a Lightroom user and never heard of Sleeklens then you are missing out some of the best presets available for photographers these days. Lightroom presets are groups of parameters defined on Lightroom’s tools and sliders, therefore, they make user’s routine a simpler task by accomplishing many adjustments in only a few clicks. But what does really make a preset stand out in such a competitive industry?

First of all, quality. If a preset is really good made, then it won’t add Film Grain or Noise to your picture unless is your intent to do so. The preset has to work for what is meant to; if it is a Clarity filter, then it will affect only parameters linked to Clarity slider, same for other tools.

Next comes creativity, a killer skill for every artist, and we as photographers are artists as well. Enhance your pictures with creative effects: lomographic effects, stunning B&W for making your pictures look like old time classics, etc.

And finally variety… Presets must apply to every kind of situation that we find in our daily life. Imagine you took a trip to a nearby beach and took stunning pictures, what can be your best pairing for it? A good set of landscape presets. These amazing features Lightroom gives us enough room to explore must be cataloged and defined for different scenarios: Food, Portrait, Landscape, B&W, Nature, Film, Cross Processing… the list can be really large.

Sleeklens has all of those features and more. Created by and for photographers, it doesn’t matter if you are not skilled enough with Lightroom for using them; regardless of your proficiency as a user, they will freshen up your pictures, bringing more life out of them.Stop wasting your time and get ready to transform your pictures into beautiful works of art!

Kate Moross

Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a designer/illustrator based in London. She specializes in design and art direction in the music industry. Her style and work stand out because her graphics and colors are always simple and bold. Also, I think she’s responsible for the increased popularity of the triangle (ever since she adopted it as her logo). Whether you want to thank her or smack her for that you can’t deny that she has built up quite an impressive body of work. whether it be in the form of a tote bag, music video or signature clothing line for Topshop, Moross designs have become ubiquitous.

Best Of 2011: Jennifer Maestre’s Prickly Pencil Creatures

We’ve all used hundreds of pencils in our lives since we were kids. Jennifer Maestre uses pencils too, but not the way most of us do, or even the ways most artists do. These imaginative creatures use pencils to showcase the contrast between lifelike forms and industrially produced materials. They were inspired by the texture of the sea urchin, which she has been exploring in many materials for several years.

The Psychedelic Sound Of The Netherlands’ Jacco Gardner

Photo by Nick Helderman

Photo by Nick Helderman

Hailing from Amsterdam, 24 year old multi instrumentalist Jacco Gardner was the perfect opener for fellow psych-rock band, Allah-Las the other night at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Jacco released his debut LP, “Cabinet Of Curiosities” earlier this year on Trouble In Mind Records and was in great spirits performing for the first time in Los Angeles.

The short, but sweet set featured songs from his debut LP including “The One Eyed King”, “Chameleon”, “The Ballad of Little Jean”, and my personal favorite, “Clear The Air”. The show echoed the album’s fuzzy, but highly psychedelic feel that had the crowd swaying from the very first beat. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what he has up his sleeve for the next record, but in the meantime NPR just released a video for his newest single, “The End Of August” that you can watch here.

Jacco is currently on tour with the Allah-Las and you can catch both bands at The Chapel in San Francisco tomorrow night, Saturday October 5th. Enjoy the video for his song, “Clear The Air” and check out dates for the rest of his US tour as well as his jaunt across Europe that will last through the end of the year.

Sleek Sculpture Combines Metal With Pressed Book Pages

Andrew Hayes combines his passion for metal work with a musty lust for pulp– book pages chopped, twisted, bent, and pressed in bulk. What I admire most about each piece is not just the clean, firm edges, but more so, the understatement of this being a distant relative to book art. In fact, the reverence for printed matter and its conceptual demise is not even a driving force; instead, its emphasis is on material and how paper not only lines our shelves, but also collects as a form of sculpture . . . but with a little more grace and curve.