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Human Organs Created Out Of Flora

Human Organs

Human Organs sculpture11

Human Organs sculpture


Bristol artist Camila Carlow creates these lovely renderings of human organs by foraging for wild plants, weeds, and the occasional animal part and then sculpting and arranging these various bits of flora. Her series, entitled “Eye ‘Heart’ Spleen,” recontextualizes images of organs such as a heart, lungs, stomach, uterus, liver, and testicles, demonstrating the reflection of internal biological structures with external natural structures. From Carlow’s site, “This work invites the viewer to regard our vital structures as beautiful living organisms, and to contemplate the miraculous work taking place inside our bodies, even in this very moment.” You can order prints and keep up with this particular project’s developments via its Facebook page. (via unknown editors)

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Katharina Fritsch’s uncanny sculptures

Katharina Fritsch - installation

Katharina Fritsch - installation

Katharina Fritsch - installation

Katharina Fritsch is a German-born artist who transforms quotidian objects or mundane figures into something new.  Using manipulation of scale and color along with repetition, Fritsch’s sculptures are usually hand-molded, cast in plaster, reworked, and then cast again in polyester.  Her time consuming process creates results that are uncanny and strange.

Interested in psychology and the expectations of visitors to a museum, Fritsch’s work both appeals to the popular imagination, and a more conceptual thought process.  One of Fritsch’s most popular works, Rattenkönig/Rat King (1993), a circle of black polyester rats that stand 12 feet tall, was included in the 1999 Venice Biennale.  Both funny and frightening at the same time, works such as Rattenkönig/Rat King border on reality and illusion.  Much of Fritsch’s work has an unsettling, often religious, association that is deeply psychological.  Fritch’s sculptures tug at our deepest fears or most vivid dreams.

Usually pulling imagery from her world, subjects are often otherworldly in appearance, seemingly fantastical, like something out of a dream or a distorted memory.  Her more recent installation, Hahn / Cock installed in Trafalgar Square in London is located across from Nelson’s Column.  The Column is a monument built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  Fritsch’s giant blue rooster is meant to comment on the masculinity and public pomp of the square.  Again, funny with its double entendres and absurd appearance, Fritsch’s sculpture is also deeply unnerving.  Installed this past July for 18 months there is plenty of opportunity to check out Fritsch’s installation.

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Haley Morris-Cafiero’s Photos Of People Sneering At Her Weight

Haley Morris-Cafier photography2 Haley Morris-Cafier photography3

In her series titled Wait Watchers, the photography of Haley Morris-Cafiero turns an eye back on those that turn an eye on her.  While creating an image for another series Morris noticed a man “sneering” at her behind her back.  Wait Watchers intentionally captures these reactions – the sneer, raised eyebrow, the frown that Morris says she is aware others make in regards to here weight.  The sadly familiar scenes play out all the time.  However, frozen in a photograph adds another emotional level to the work.

Christian Stearry

Christian Stearry is great example of what happens when one spends their entire youth skateboarding- it begins to permeate every aspect of your life.  His illustrations are focused on the tongue-in-cheek jokes found in growing up “bad,” whether it’s through graffiti, drinking, or being that guy that brings his bong everywhere. Lucky for us, it works.

Andrew Nigon’s Bizarre Nature

Andrew Nigon’s sculptures draw attention to the bizarre nature of our existence in which we have an insatiable drive to improve while simultaneously living within bodies that are in constant decay. Using the discarded detritus of society in chorus with brightly colored materials that are typically reserved for happier times, Andrew creates heroic yet tragic monuments devoted to a human race that is trapped in an incomplete and fractured world.

Ward Roberts

Ward RobertsWard Roberts was born in Australia and currently lives in Hong Kong and Australia. His work of quiet images depicting various lonesome landscapes are impressive. His contemporary eye has caught active locations and made them obsolete. Pretty neat.

Zhou Fan

Zhou Fan

Beautiful colors with the thickness and brightness of animation cell art, Chinese artist Zhou Fan’s works are inspired from childhood dreams of jellyfish parades in the sky falling to the ground to become mushrooms. She’s found that these dreams which have left a deep impression on her also capture more of her focus than reality. I don’t blame her!