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Les Deux Garcons


I can not help but find myself indescribably drawn to taxidermy in all shape and forms, especially unconventional artwork as with the case of Les Deux Garcons. They seem to have a surrealist, Gothic freak-show aesthetic all combined into one. There’s something horrific about manipulating the animals’ lifeless, frozen forms into eternal works of art against their will…it reminds of the scene in Chronicle of Narnia where you walk through the White Witch’s front yard, and poor Mr. Tumnus and all the other forest animals have been turned to stone sculptures in various states of fear and despair by her ghastly spell.

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Gareth Pugh’s Mind-Bending Fashion With A Ritualistic Twist

dark fashion

dark fashion

dark fashion Gareth Pugh - Fashion

We’ve covered designer Gareth Pugh’s funhouse fashion before, and his 2015 ready-to-wear line is no less delightfully deranged. Pugh drapes his models in the regalia of pagan rituals, occasionally borrowing from the mind-expanding sensibilities of modern glitch art.

One design harkens back to the scarecrows of ye olde corn fields, complete with a material reminiscent of burlap; at the same time, another figure is shrouded in geometric mystique like a Magic Eye illusion.

“I wanted it of the earth, rather than landed from a spaceship,” Pugh said of the collection. To do so, he draws on raw textures of chiffon thistles and gauzy silk, and for inspiration, he reimagines a time when masquerades and ritualistic sacrifice were still a thing. One of his designs calls up the image of a court jester, reincarnated as something slicker and more sinister. A woman stands under the brim of what brings to mind a stalk of wheat, dressed in virginal white. Some of them are crowned with papier-mâché skulls.

The result, even with the modern twists, is nothing short of raw occultish charm, a wonderful mixing of the ethereal and the profane. (via

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The Dark, Elegant Self Portraits Of Noell Oszvald

The Dark, Elegant Self Portraits Of Noell Oszvald

self portraits

self portraits 2

Noell Oszvald, a Hungarian photographer with a penchant for dark, elegant, self portraits, is becoming a master of the surrealist photographic image. The 23-year-old photographer found wide acclaim after releasing a series of 22 photos to her flicker page early this year. The images are remarkable, but she’s only been shooting photos for a little less than two years. It makes you wonder what the motivations are of this emerging prodigy.

“I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images,” said Oszvald. “This is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.”

Oszvald’s soft, black and white palette is a touch grainy and filled with contrast. And her images posses a striking amount of warmth in a dark frame. These compositions are solid—and the artist’s own physical beauty, and her affinity for a minimal frame add to the overall conceptual depth. (my modern met)

Photographer Kat Alyst Collaborates With Artists And Designers To Create An Iridescent Virtual World

Kat Alyst, Adela Andea - Photography/InstallationKat Alyst, Adela Andea - Photography/InstallationKat Alyst, Adela Andea - Photography/InstallationKat Alyst, Adela Andea - Photography/Installation

In this stunning series, photographer Kat Alyst — along with several other Texas-based artists and designers (credits below) — has captured an iridescent virtual world that presents an imaginative vision of our relationship with new technologies and alternate realities. Garbed in a flowing, holographic robe and ornamented with Shalottlilly’s colorful, Victorian-inspired jewelry, the model resembles an ethereal cyber goddess as she navigates the otherworldly space. The shimmering, crystalline structure surrounding her is the work of installation artist Adela Andea and is located in Houston’s Anya Tish Gallery. Together, these artists have fused their passions for dream-rich colors and surrealist, futuristic art to create a series of portraits that captivate us with their representations of alienesque beauty and a cybernetic utopia.

On her website’s Artist’s Statement, Adela Andea eloquently describes what motivates her to create the kinds of colorful, electronically-infused works like the one featured in this shoot. For her, art is an active navigation between spaces (in particular, that of “people and technology”), as well as the layers of reality:

“I like to transform the indoor spaces into installations that involve full sensory experiences for the viewers. I use all the space [that] is available to expand for the purposes of the installation. I consider all physical aspects of the building and the level of audience involvement. Where films and video games convey a futuristic approach generating virtual realities, my art is trying to deconstruct the clear, delimiting line between reality and virtual reality.” (Source)

By enmeshing the presence of the model and her corresponding design into the installation, Adela Andea’s work becomes a living environment, unveiling to us an immersive, parallel universe. Kat Alyst’s portraits do an incredible job capturing the dream-like narrative for us, which is beautiful in its representation of cybernetic worlds; just as Adela Andea strives to “vindicate the malign[ed] consequences of technology on the environment and inspire new, exciting ways to infuse technology” (Source), the world these artists have created is an alluring, corporeal exploration of our identities in cyber space.

The credits for the artists and designers involved are listed below. Be sure to check out their pages, as well as the rest of the images after the jump.

Photographer: Kat Alyst (website) (Facebook)
Installation artist: Adela Andea (website)
Model: Blue Madrigal (Instagram)
Designer: Made in Heaven by Stephen Macmillan Moser (Facebook)
Hair/Makeup: Missy Espelien Shear Style & Colorful Techniques (Facebook)
Jewelry: Shalottlilly (Facebook) (Etsy)

Superheroes Wearing Nothing But Dynamic Splashes Of Colored Milk

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz uses unlikely elements to construct his unbelievable and complex photographs of superheroes, or Splash Heroes. However, unlike normal superheroes, his heroes are not wearing ordinary uniforms, but outfits created from splashes of colored milk. Each constructed photograph contains a confident, strong superwoman posed in a capable and superior pose. Even more impressive, the liquid was not just simply digitally edited onto all of the models, but actually thrown onto them during the photo shoot. Wieczorkiewicz created this liquid clothing with splashes of milk with food coloring. Splashes are thrown in different places of the body in order to fabricate multifaceted outfits to mimic how real clothing may fit. This process demands an extreme amount of time and patience in order to create such a flawless result. In fact, each photograph is created from layering and editing together about 200 images. These many photos are layered over each other to form the finished photograph.

This is not the first series of milk-covered women that photographer Wieczorkiewicz has done. He has also created a similar series containing pin-up girls dressed in splashes of white milk. In this most recent series, Splash Heroes, Wieczorkiewicz’s work is pushed to a more dynamic level full of energy, movement, and dramatic color. The deep, glossy colors of liquid add a powerful vibe that gives the women a demanding presence. Each woman superhero is in mid-motion as their milk-suits swirl and travel around their bodies, creating a force field of milk. Wieczorkiewicz has all of his Splash Heroes available in a calendar, one for each month. (via Faith is Torment)

Ari Saarto’s IN SITU

Ari Saarto’s IN SITU documents the temporary structures and shelters that the homeless create. These primitive structures are reminders of how fragile life can be and highlights the instinctual need for man to have a place called home, regardless of how basic or unrefined it is.

KIM KEEVER’s Miniature World

KIM KEEVER’s large-scale photographs are created by meticulously constructing miniature topographies in a 200-gallon tank, which is then filled with water. These dioramas of fictitious environments are brought to life with colored lights and the dispersal of pigment, producing ephemeral atmospheres that he must quickly capture with his large-format camera.

Beautiful/Decay Issue: 1 update

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks back we announced the new format of Beautiful/Decay. It’s been great getting all the positive feedback and support from all of you. Within the first week we received over 300 new and renewed subscriptions!

We have 2 months until or first issue comes out and I wanted to urge all of those who want to get a copy of the magazine to subscribe as it’s looking like we will sell out of subscriptions within the next month. This means that issues will not be available on newsstands and only a handful of stores internationally will have copies.

If you aren’t familiar with our new direction you can read about it HERE

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The new issue is by far our best, especially the cover which will be adorned by hand drawn art by Kyle Thomas. Yes that means every single copy of Beautiful/Decay issue: 1 will be a one of a kind, unique item!