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Amy E. Mayfield Is Crazy!

It’s not often that I take a double take at paintings but I had to do this when I got to Amy’s site. Not only do I appreciate the lo-fi aesthetic of the site but I love Amy’s imaginative and trippy paintings of freaked out girls, bats in orange caves, and eerie landscapes.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Thick Mugs

Cinco is a multidisciplinary design studio in Argentina that combines film, photography and graphic design to create some amazing work. the above music video for Vertical Montanas is a perfect example of their lo-fi hi-fun approach.

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Mike Lee

mike_wildTHing001_smMike Lee creates great textural illustrations that feel like fuzzy childhood memories.  The above image is from Nucleus Gallery’s Where The Wild Things Are tribute show (Terrible Yellow Eyes). I know it isn’t Mike’s newest work, but I love his fresh interpretation of the characters.  Mike is currently working as a color key artist for Blue Sky animation studios – which is interesting, considering most of his personal work seems to be black and white.

Goat Helper on Friday!

Have you found yourself in a dark wood? Has the clear path been lost? Do you have a dead fish in your hand? If so then HELP ME HELP YOU at Goat Helper: Volume 1 debuting tomorrow at Los Angeles artspace Show Cave!

This LIVE screening of experimental video art and animation, installation, live video, goat themed food art, costumed “Helpers”, and of course Oreo the beloved pygmy goat. The screening features work from Shana Moulton, Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad, John Michael Boling, Art Clokey (creator of Gumby) and many more! Don’t miss out. Screening starts at 9PM sharp.



It’s hard to believe he shoots models and landscapes so differently. I can’t help but like it. Check out his portfolio online to see for yourself.

Sound Decay: Modeselektor’s Evil Twin


If you work all day in front of a computer then you will without a doubt relate to this Modeselektor video  where two figures battle it out in a world full of videos within videos. I myself am always in a battle with my computer monitor where one window is closed only to reveal another window full of work and information that I have to digest.  The entire scenarios takes place on a computer monitor with the figures jumping back and forth from screen to screen creating a clever and playful effect courtesy of director Dent de Cuir.  Watch the full video after the jump!

Kay Rosen’s Architectural Wordplay

Chicago based Kay Rosen manipulates text and typography to change, alter, and redefine the meaning of various words and phrases. Her manipulations transform not only the meaning of the texts but also act as typographic illustrations on a grand scale. (via)