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Interview: Raphael Garnier


Raphael Garnier is a digital cosmonaut, equally entranced by the flickering mystery emanating from Kirchner’s 18th century “magic lamps,” primordial symbology, and the dazzle-spaz of gif animations. Garnier finds just as much potential to explore new realms within the internet “as in the seabed.” In his travels, he has constructed a wondrous cabinet of curiosities from the binary and the bombastic, fixated firmly on both the future and the worship of magic from a near distant past.

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Grady Gordon’s Ghoulish Monotype Prints



Oakland-based artist Grady Gordon produces ghoulish black and white monotype prints. The knowledge that each image is unique contributes to a  sense that the figures depicted are real. That at any moment they could leave the paper and enter your nightmares. Until this year, Gordon only depicted heads in his work; the full figures definitely amplify the gruesome vibe. But the heads definitely have their appeal as well- leering faces that move in and out of swirling blacks. Gordon is having a solo show in Denver in October. Some of these works will be on view then.

The best way to stay current with the world of Grady Gordon is to follow the dude on instagram @joaquindead. Don’t blame me if you never sleep again though. More full figures and previews of the Denver show after the jump.

Beautiful/Decay News – 21 Days Left Until Future Perfect Submission Deadline!


Hello to all you Futurists out there! We want to let everyone know that our Future Perfect project is heating up with only 21 days left until the submission deadline. We, here at B/D, want your future to work out perfectly so make sure to submit your work before the March 29th deadline to have your art featured in Beautiful/Decay Book 6!

Create your vision for a better tomorrow and get featured in Beautiful/Decay book 6.

We want to see the world you want to live in, your Future Perfect. Submit your work of art based on the Future Perfect theme; you are free to use any medium and interpret the theme as you see fit. On March 29th we will pick one lucky person from the submissions who will get a package of Beautiful/Decay goods valued at $300 and a 10-15 page interview in Beautiful/Decay book 6! Up to 70 additional future perfect submissions will also be selected and published.

Share your vision, plan a better tomorrow and join Beautiful/Decay to create a Future Perfect.

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Cosmo Sapiens

Cosmo Sapiens

Making themselves out to be a designer version of the Ramones, Cosmo Sapiens consist of 3 Parisians: Golgo (Ruben) Sapiens, Malmo (Ben) Sapiens and Romano (Romain) Sapiens. Not limited to these three, they like to consider themselves a huge “creative family,” using various artists, photographers and designers (not unlike ourselves). Mostly playful illustrations, their works are colorful, exciting and imaginative, everything we’d want to see in a band of quirky designers. 


Renaud Marion’s Floating Cars Of The Future

Hover boards are still not a reality and cars don’t fly in space. We all know this. However reality didn’t stop Michael J. Fox from skating in the sky and it sure as hell didn’t stop French photographer Renaud Marion from creating this extremely well executed series of classic cars that have been turned into sleek floating vehicles of the future. Marion kept all the best elements of the classic rides sans the wheels to create cars that even the Jetsons would be proud to ride in. (via)

Evan DeSpelder’s Photoshoped Paint

Evan DeSpelder’s paintings are an exploration of the formal and conceptual possibilities of the digitally mediated painting.Using painting as a vehicle to fundamentally question the way our realities are constructed, Evan’s work is an expression of modern ambivalence, a representation of the world in which we live, where truth and the human mind are malleable, manipulated, and history is leveled by an unprecedented access to information.

Derek Weisberg

"I Didn't Mean to Touch Your Hand Ceramic", 28" x 10" x 8", 2009

"I Didn't Mean to Touch Your Hand Ceramic", 28" x 10" x 8", 2009

Derek Weisberg, is an artist working in Oakland CA. He is  primarily a figurative sculptor creating works which focus on emotions and the human condition.