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Anastasia Mastrakouli’s Alphabet Made Out Of Naked Bodies

Anastasia Mastrakouli design11 Anastasia Mastrakouli design10 Anastasia Mastrakouli design9

You’ve likely already noticed: this isn’t your typical font.  Instead of using pixels or vectors, photographer Anastasia Mastrakouli uses her own body to create a steamy alphabet (pardon the pun).  Mastrakoukli positions herself behind wet glass partly hidden as if in a shower.  She emphasizes certain parts of her body, and in turn certain parts of letters, by placing herself closer to the glass.  The result is an eye-catching font – one in which the medium may grab more attention the the message it spells.  Check out her website to see the rest of the alphabet.

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Julian Glander’s Whimsical Illustrations

Julian Glander lives and works in New York.Take one look at the front page of his wild and wacky website and his exuberant mission will be clear. Glander’s quirky illustrations are an absolute blast as they wiggle about the computer screen (the majority of his work are moving .gifs). It’s refreshing to see a body of work that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is first and foremost, fun!

Sam Wolfe Connelly

Animals are popping up everywhere in Sam Wolfe Connelly’s digitally enhanced illustrations. Some are just lounging around while others are dressed up like circus performers. He also does clothing design, so track him down if you need a canine adorning your new t-shirt.

Christina Tivemark

Christina Tivemark

Christina Tivemark is a multi-media artist, and her body of work represents this clearly. Looking through her website you can see a great variety of mediums used. She is very direct about the materials she chooses and hold interest in constructions, perspectives and space. The above image is of an installation entitled “Childhood Games II”. The white picket fence is symbolic of privacy, childhood and growth. Tivemark says that this piece explores ” the boundaries and protection domestically and within society”. I think that this piece is a beautiful examination of security.


As with most emerging artists we first posted Von’s work years ago. Since then he’s been creating a great body of work, collaborating with some of the best brands in the world. His use of traditional drawing techniques mixed with digital wizardry keeps you guessing about what is hand drawn and what is manipulated in each piece. We’ve included some close ups of a few pieces after the jump. See if you can figure it out.

Nick Cave

Chicago artist Nick Cave’s outlandish “soundsuits” have enough awesome going on standing still, but these intricate assemblages are also performance costumes. Grab a copy of Beautiful/Decay Book 4 for a sprawling feature on Cave with tons more (giant, gorgeous) images and an interview in which he discusses his recent exhibition at the Fowler museum, his process creating the suits, and his desire for art to be a joyous community-wide experience.

Trash awareness project in Japan

Garbage Art Work Project
Does making trash bags cuter motivate litter-bugs to responsibly chuck their burger wrappers and soda cans into the patiently waiting heads of bags donning the faces of cute little rabbits and Sesame’s Oscar the Grouch? Japanese designers at MAQ Studio have started a whole “movement” around “playing with trash” in order to address and bring attention to the waste problem and how it effects the environment. To really reduce waste though, wouldn’t it have been better to just use recyclable materials to substitute for the dilemma of accumulating all these bags and not being able to do anything with them? I dunno…what do you guys think? Could this be more effective in Japan than it would be here? This sort of reminds me of those Novelty Bras I had posted about before…