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Future PerfectFuture Perfect Artwork

Greetings from the Future! This is an update to let everyone know that our Future Perfect project is progressing…well, perfectly. With new submissions coming in each and every day, we’re looking forward to receiving your image of what a better tomorrow will look like. The deadline for all artists to submit work is March 29th and is quickly approaching. Visit the Future Perfect website for the details and submission guidelines and start picturing the future today!

Create your vision for a better tomorrow and get featured in Beautiful/Decay book 6.

We want to see the world you want to live in, your Future Perfect. Submit your work of art based on the Future Perfect theme; you are free to use any medium and interpret the theme as you see fit. On March 29th we will pick one lucky person from the submissions who will get a package of Beautiful/Decay goods valued at $300 and a 10-15 page interview in Beautiful/Decay book 6! Up to 70 additional future perfect submissions will also be selected and published.

Share your vision, plan a better tomorrow and join Beautiful/Decay to create a Future Perfect.

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Jason Dussault Recreates Iconic And Nostalgic Imagery Using The Ancient Art Of Mosaics

Jason Dussault - Mosaic


Jason Dussault - Mosaic

Boba Fett

Jason Dussault - Mosaic

Wooden Buddha

Jason Dussault - Mosaic

The Hulk

Jason Dussault is a Vancouver- and New York-based artist who uses the ancient medium of mosaics to recreate iconic images, many of which you will probably recall from your childhood. Among the shattered and beautifully arranged pieces — largely composed of ceramic, paint, grout, and resin — are the familiar visages of Batman, Thor, and the Hulk. Also depicted are important religious figures, including the Buddha and Jesus, as well as images of personal significance to Dussault; the hellhound “Fido,” for example, is a visualization of his inner, artistic strength. His masterful blending of colours and shapes create dimensional, intricate images that inspire both excitement and nostalgia.

In all of these works, Dussault has used the fractured and geometric power of the mosaic to manifest an “internal struggle,” a resistance against a world wherein magic has been stripped away by the realities of adulthood. By recreating memory-infused imagery from broken shards, Dussault’s craft serves as an active reclamation of “the magic, excitement, and hopefulness that stimulated his youth” (Source). Memory — and everything else that composes our emotional and physical lives — is fragile, but as Dussault shows us, it is never too late to recompose that which we think is broken or lost.

Dussault’s work is currently being featured in an exhibition entitled Deconstructive / Constructive at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in New York, which is running until April 2, 2015. Visit his website for more examples of his work.

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Michael Alvarez

picture-12The atmosphere of Michael Alvarez’s artwork ranges from casual to epic in an insane sorta way. This guy for example looks like its about 10 feet tall. (Theres a photo on his website of someone standing next to it and he looks tiny!) But the intimacy of this work makes me feel like I might know him. Maybe its the subtle truths his work touches on. The glamour shot, The awesome kiss that turned out different on film. Are these culture specific? Alvarez’s work is very culturally charged, but I kinda feel like I share these ideas as well, and Im a frail, westside jew! So whats next for Michael Alvarez? Well, hes participating in a Street Fighter tribute show starting April 25th. Crazy world.


Laurence Aëgerte Photographs Of People And Objects In Front Of Classic Paintings


classical paintings

classical paintings

Laurence Aëgerte‘s conceptual photography series, “Hermitage, The Modernists” depicts staged people and objects in front of classic paintings – by  artists like Van Dongen, Kandinsky, Matisse, and Picasso – that were on view at the Hermitage Amsterdam during 2010. Aëgerte’s series complicates the expectation of the experience of iconic works by turning them into photographic palimpsests – the patterns, textures, and colors of the people and objects are juxtaposed against the paintings-as-backdrop that frame the foregrounded subject, elevating the layers of significance of the original painting.

Aëgerte says, “I wanted to investigate our individual relation to art and our perception of iconic artworks. The more the icon is alive in our mind—by means of reproductions and stories around it—the higher is the intensity of the expectation to be confronted with its reality. But what can we really experience of it? When our vision of a work of art is altered, it becomes a reversed mirror—anchored in our present time. By layering the images, I seek the in-between spaces and bits of time that occur in the process of looking.”

“Hermitage, The Modernists” is currently on view at the Hermitage Amsterdam until February 20. (via this isn’t happiness and whitehot magazine)

Evan DeSpelder’s Photoshoped Paint

Evan DeSpelder’s paintings are an exploration of the formal and conceptual possibilities of the digitally mediated painting.Using painting as a vehicle to fundamentally question the way our realities are constructed, Evan’s work is an expression of modern ambivalence, a representation of the world in which we live, where truth and the human mind are malleable, manipulated, and history is leveled by an unprecedented access to information.

Jagoda Boruch


I don’t know too much about Jagoda Boruch, except that this shooter is 19 years old and lives in Poland… and apparantly has an affinity for obstructing the faces of the people she photographs.  At least, that’s the case in this series of images; whereby Jagoda omits the face but reveals the frankness of life’s quirks instead.

Phillip Toledano

phillip toledano-00007
Phillip Toledano is a photographer in every sense of the word, with an oeuvre that speaks incredible amounts about his interest and character. After our post recently about Nick Minton, I realized we hadn’t posted Toledano’s beautiful series titled ‘Days with My Father‘, which is also an incredible book. The project follows Toledano’s time spent with his father, and is chronicled with heart-warming/breaking words that bring the whole series to life. Please, take a moment out of your day to experience this series.

Mitch Epstein

Amos Coal Power Plant, Raymond, West Virginia 2004

Amos Coal Power Plant, Raymond, West Virginia 2004

Massachusetts-born photographer Mitch Epstein has been documenting life in America since the early 1970s. As Rachel Esner says, “much of Mitch Epstein’s work is…a reflection on America, on American values and ideology, on America’s place in the world today. It is the formal and associative elements in Epstein’s images that lift them to a higher plane. These are not documents in the strict sense, because they transcend and reinvent the objects photographed and in the process invest them with symbolic meaning.” Well said, Ms. Esner.