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Alexandra Newmark


Alexandra Newmark weaves mohair, the silky soft stuff of holiday caps and scarves into  into these horribly creepy characters. Their forms are a little bit frightening, sort of contradicting the nature of the material being used.

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Gneborg Cleverness


Recently found Gneborg’s clever, clever photography. Analog constructions and simple visual tricks like oddly photographing 2 people at once look magically digital. They really make the most sense as a series, see what I mean after the jump.

Via Picdit.


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Tara Tucker’s Wild Animals

Tara Tucker’s meticulously rendered drawings portray bizarre yet realistic hybrid creatures from a future animal kingdom, free from the fetters of human intervention.

Ariana Page

Ariana Page

Ariana Page has discovered the skin’s reaction induced welts – light scraping, scratching, drawing with needles, etc and decided to turn it into art. A similar approach would be to fall into a very heavy and abyss-like sleep with your arm under your pillow the whole night and wake up with crop circles embossed into your skin.

Rona Pondick


Combining steel cast human body parts with various members of the animal kingdom, Rona Pondick has been riffing on the art world’s fascination with physical transformation for over a decade. Her animal/human hybrid sculptures look like the monsters in my nightmares!

Diana Al-Hadid


Diana Al-Hadid’s transfixing sculptures remind me of the point in the Neverending Story where the white light castle slowly begins to disintegrate from the Nothing, as well as the prison in Lord of the Rings Gandalf is kept in. I think it’s because her sculptures are somewhat mystical, doomed to deconstruct and somehow seem in the process of changing, growing, or collapsing- possible only in some sort of imagined fantasy space. Although here they are, despite all odds, as if teleported from a strange alternate universe of kings and mages and black wizards….


Juno Calypso Explores Femininity With Bizarre Rituals Of Beauty And Seduction

Popcorn Venus

Popcorn Venus

12 Reasons You're Tired All The Time

12 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time





London photographer Juno Calypso’s self portraits as her alter ego “Joyce” are hilariously deadpan images of the artist as bored receptionist, unenthusiastic sexy girl in a cake, porno modeling agent, and deranged housewife looking for the next beauty miracle. The meticulously staged retro scenes are created perfectly with the artist posing with her signature blank stare that says “My life is exhausting and void of joy.” The result is an unsettling take on the extreme efforts that women go through to be everything from homemaker to career woman and the draining effects that it produces. (via feature shoot)

Calypso states about her work:

” I recently began working with self-portraiture, which led to the creation of a character named Joyce. Within elaborately staged large format photographs and videos I draw upon personal experience to perform critical studies into modern rituals of beauty and seduction. We find Joyce alone, consumed by artifice – trapped inside pastel-coloured encounters with beauty masks, cream cakes and polyester negligee; her glazed appearance acting as a mirror to the exhaustion felt whilst bearing the dead weight of constructed femininity.”

Ivan C.

cgMeet Ivan C. – a visual artist from Mexico. Although he works commercially, his work is conceptul, believing art should now be “Cosa Virtuale,” with technology not leading the ideas, but setting free all the visual possibilities for the interpretation of reality. Ivan releases his imagery through multiple mixed-media processes involving digital photography, digital collage and experimental graphic manipulations.