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Made With Color presents: Bart Exposito’s Geometric Paintings Are Graphic Bliss

Bart Exposito - Painting 5 Bart Exposito - Painting 6 Bart Exposito - Painting 2 Bart Exposito - Painting 8

Made With Color is an online platform that allows artists to showcase their work without having to set up a complicated portfolio site. It helps create clean and sleek websites that are responsive for smart phones and tablets and best of all you can have your site up and running in minutes! Each week we, at Beautiful/Decay, pick a Made With Color user and share their artworks. This week, we present the exquisite work of Bart Exposito, an artist raised in Los Angeles and currently working in New Mexico.

Harmony between the graphic lines and the soft color schemes on the background. Bart Exposito’s paintings look like pure abstraction that hints at representation. The ‘Strange Alphabet’ series depict a gathering of lines that come together to weave a geometric alphabet that only the artist can decipher.  A subtle combination of shapes and colors speak to the viewer while enticing their imagination to wander and interpret the meaning.

Exposito is inspired by locations. His recent move to New Mexico has unleashed a new vision of the land and the sky. Transferred onto the canvas, his experiences are singular to his story. “The language of painting can occupy a space inherent to its own, affected by its surroundings, allowing me to conflate such disparate visual tendencies to create a personal, idiosyncratic, and nuanced body of work that could not have been produced in any other environment than New Mexico itself”. An invitation to the viewers to relate and share their story through the interpretation of his vivid paintings.

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Justine Khamara Hides Faces In Her Fractured Wood Sculptures

Wood Sculpture

Wood Sculpture

Wood Sculpture

 Wood Sculpture

Australian artist Justine Khamara embeds portraits of people in fractured wood sculptures. By cutting the photographs into pieces and then assembling them either on plywood or weaving them through one another, Khamara changes the experience of the portraits. Taking what is usually one dimensional and making it approachable in a whole new level, Khamara brings a sense of life to the pictures she takes.

“Khamara says she used to cut up photographs and rearrange them into montages that she would rephotograph, ‘but I eventually found the montages to be more interesting as sculptural objects,’ she explains. The act itself, slicing up photos and piecing them back together, has always been something Khamara relished. ‘I loved the butteriness, the physicality of the photographic paper a quality that reveals itself when one slices into the surface of it with a very fine, sharp blade,’ she says.” (Excerpt from Source)

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Letha Projects


The phrase “3D photos” seems like a bit of a contradiction, right? But no, Letha Projects has been making these amazing minimalist photo sculptures, taking plain pictures and translating them into a work of art that expands on their single dimensional forms. She also works with her flat photos by cutting and manipulating a mixture of color and black and white prints to create texture.

Kittozutto’s Website Update

Art and design boutique Kittozutto (Yana and Jun) just recently updated their website with some brand new work! They’re the minds behind B/D shirt “The Web” (pictured above), which will be released this summer.

They combine fine art illustration with digital imaging, and the highly detailed results are often best seen in large formats. Women, fluids, and nature inspire their hyper-realistic yet surreal illustrations.

Photographer Hal’s Shrink Wrapped portraits

Loving these bizarre and grotesque photographs of shrink wrapped couples by Japanese artist Photographer Hal. They are beautiful, macabre,  and frightening all at once.

B/D Best of 2010- Giovanni Bortolani Is In Stitches

Giovanni Bortolani has this really twisted series of people gutted out and stitched back together. To mix it up a bit, there are some portraits of culinary students.

Lauren Treece’s Dream

Lauren Treece’s polaroids remind me of a foggy dream I once had about a beautiful girl who lived in a magical secret world that can only be visited when your eyes are closed.

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown’s surreal domestic photography and art express the diversity and psychological mysteries of our living spaces. I’m also a sucker for night photography.