Jumping In Art Museums Blog

621_1229027165I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be all “nay, that’s wrong, you’re ruining works of art! you’re unappreciative!” or if I’m supposed to join in on the fun. It makes me question if people are bored, or if security guards should still make you put away cameras in museums (cough cough tate modern!), but, in my younger days, I used to try on prom dresses, dance, and take photos of it in the dressing rooms. Me and my friend called it Prom-dress moshing… So I ain’t judgin’! But yes, this blog is dedicated to those of you who must dance and jump in front of works of art. My parents would probably tell me to be quiet and give me a 20 minute history of the piece instead, and that’s why I’m a nerd…

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Cody Hoyt

620_1229025785Cody Hoyt titled his website ART, and with a wide selection of silkscreen, photo lithography, and etching mixed media projects, as well as siiiiiick album covers and posters, I can’t say it’s an inappropriate title.

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Hyon Gyon

618_1228932973Hairy situations.

Kim Dorland Paints Canadian Wasted Youth

Kim Dorland, Painter, Angell Gallery from Canadian Art on Vimeo.I’ve been seeing more and more of Kim’s work at various art fairs and group shows as of late. The videos intro is a tad cheesy but you get a fantastic inside view into Kim’s painting process, subject matter, and technique.

Goodan’s Goods

Primereel! from Will Goodan on Vimeo.Primereel! from Will Goodan on Vimeo.

mad props, blows my mind, really. motionographer.com was on top of that too.

Online Exclusive for the holidays!

615_1228869505Beautiful/Decay has created an exclusive hoodie based on the best-selling “Throw Up” design by Skwak for the holidays. This t-shirt will only be sold on our online shop- you won’t find this anywhere else! This hurl-orific design displays a gargantuan monster barfing a cornucopia of microcosmic primordial rainbow critter sludge. Get it quick before they evolve into human life!

Mike Bertino

617_1228872191I like it because it looks different from his usual stuff. Maybe it’s just the subject matter and the color palette but I dig. Plus, I haven’t posted illustrators in a while.