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Chromium Dumb Belle


Chromium Dumb Belle creates an appliqued & satin world of flash and fancy that would be easily at ease upon Scrumbly’s doily outfits in Native Funk & Flash or in Barbara Hulanicki’s doe-eyed emporium, Biba.

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Lost Planet’s Psychedelic Website

Lost PlanetMy friend over at Champagne Valentine recently designed this out-there website for Lost Planet studio. ┬áNot your typical web 2.0 approach, the result is instead a more abstract, intuitive and interactive experience. Is this the future of the net? Will the days of Twitter icons and blogs be gone, replaced by ethereally floating moon-orbs surrounded by hands? In their own words, the site “is an experimental online video channel and porfolio showcase for the Lost Planet editing studio. The site is an otherworldly portal into the psyche of Lost Planet where visitors can explore a porfolio of work via a bizarre planetary interface. “

Swedish Fabric Design


When I visited Sweden, one of the things that first struck me was that everyone’s apartments, houses, and public spaces seemed beautifully designed, in this contemporary, bright, cheery and somewhat 50’s/60’s Mr. Men kind of way. There’s a vibe in the air that encourages a similar stlye of living- they do have the highest standard of living in the world. I completely fell in love with this sensibility, the bright and airy floral curtains, vibrant and playful placemats….making your space a joyful one. (Maybe ’cause it’s so cold in the winter.) Ahh, Sweden. Take the wallpaper above, inspired by “an idea to pattern a porcelain mug with crystal glasses and so make it fine for serving celebratory drinks.” Classic! No fuss, just simple, iconcally graphic depictions that encourage you to drink champagne from a mug- you can still live elegantly while avoiding pretension by trying something new! Move over IKEA- check out these lovely designs from the Scandinavian Design Center.

Dethklok gets Bloodrocuted

Metalocalypse’s Dethklok is both a real and animated super-shredder heavy metal band. Kinda like Gorillaz, but with more head-banging, blood, guts and mayhem. What I love is that Brendan Small first created a show around the world’s most successful (fictional) black metal band, then created a real live band around it, and invariably reaped the fame of the fictional animated one. Does that make any sense? I guess usually movies/things get big in real life, then get animated, not vice versa….

Slash Shredz! (Sorta…)

For all you post-modern ironic lovers of the power of technology to rearrange, interrupt and recontextualize….wait, let me start over. This video is HI-larious. Maybe it’s because I have been in rooms full of stinky dudes agape at footage of Slash’s classic 1992 Tokyo concert, going, “My god! This solo is a veritable treasure trove of repeating pentatonic licks! Slash is God! We are not worthy!” (Sorta.) Well, Mr. StSanders has thoroughly confounded legions of shred-lovers. He “voices over” in near perfect timing clunker-rific dissonent solos that are the worst you have ever heard over all my favorite obnoxious guitar-heroes, including, but not limited to, The Satch-master, Steve Vai, Clapton, and others.

Galliano at War


I came across this John Galliano couture collection from 2006 and couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve been thinking about the great question of war & peace ever since hearing snippets from a rare house debate on the subject on NPR the other day. I don’t really have any answers on the state of the nation….apart from presenting Galliano’s bedraggled mud-slang revolutionary rockers doused in oil make-up, flip-flops, Galliano branded life vests (?), Michael Jackson-inspired spike shoulder pads and fake beards. Is Galliano lampooning the ridiculously luxe couture high-fashion world? Or our mythological idealizations of fighting desperados? Perhaps Mad Max is upon us.

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Colt 45 Design Competition

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