Evan Robarts’ Sculptures Made From Mundane Objects


Evan Robarts lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His playful sculptures are constructed from found objects and industrial materials. Robarts reinvigorates everyday items like brooms, hockey sticks, and bicycle frames when he transforms them into vibrant compositions. In one piece the combination of cake sprinkles and plaster results in a dazzling abstraction that looks good enough to eat. Another body of work utilizes Popsicle sticks and ink to imitate a plane of freshly melted treats. Robarts’ zestful work triggers multiple senses and reminds us that exuberance can be found in all things.

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Kevin Christy’s Allegorical Paintings

Kevin Christy lives and works in Los Angeles. He utilizes unyielding iconography to present allegories about the world we inhabit. Christy seems to have a firm grasp on popular culture and historical events and uses it to mock and enlighten. From a strikingly humorous depiction of Adolf Hitler slipping on a banana peel to an extended tee shirt adorned with the American Flag Christy channels the present and the past in his satirical depictions.

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Vasa Mihich’s Cast Acrylic Sculptures

Vasa Mihich lives and works in Los Angeles where he is the senior Professor of Design at the University of California. His geometrical pantings and sculptures explore the relationship between light and color. He is producing an ongoing series of radiant cast acrylic sculptures. The sleek prismatic forms reference geometric shapes as well as minerals found in nature. The mass production of the industrial plastic used to create each piece is referenced in part by the distribution of the series as they are all available as multiples.

Pierre André Senizergues’ Fully Skateable House

Pierre Andre Senizergues is a professional skateboarder and owner of Sole Technologies. He has developed his dream home that will be built in Malibu, California. The house is entirely skateable both inside and out and was designed to be a compact living space that will overlook the Pacific Ocean. The prototype was designed by Gil Lebon Delapointe and Francois Perrin. Nicknamed the PAS House this abode is a true skateboarders paradise.

Sebastian Wickeroth’s Dilapidated Structures

Sebastian Wickeroth lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He constructs and partially destroys large imposing sculptures. Some of his installations look as if the structures are buckling under the pressure of an entire room while others look like monoliths that have fallen from the sky. Utilizing color and intriguing geometric shapes Wickeroth commands space with dilapidated forms that explore beauty in decay and comment on man-made structures that are built and inevitably destroyed.

Emmanuelle Pidoux’s Dark Masses

Emmanuelle Pidoux lives and works in Dunkerque, France and is one of the founding members of the Frederic Magazine drawing collective. Her work frequently features mysterious dark matter. These menacing black masses engulf every scene. Occasionally figures and animals are barely visible within the dingy fog. The drawings reference the grim side of nature as well as man-made air pollution to comment on the power of the universe and our often damaging effect on the environment.   

Jody Zinner’s Hair Studies

Jody Zinner lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Her delicate hair paintings explore our biomaterial in humorous, grotesque, and symbolic ways. From Chewbacca’s flowing locks to a braid of hair in the shape of a circle as if to reference strength and continuity Zinner uses hair to convey multiple points of view.  

Somewhere In The Fold At The Popular Workshop

Somewhere In The Fold is an exhibition that recently closed at the San Francisco Gallery The Popular Workshop. The show was curated by Luca Nino Antonucci who is an artist and co-founder of Colpa Press as well as the San Francisco Newsstand turned zine shop Edicola. The exhibition examines the intersection of fine art, design, book making and publishing. From the press release: “There is a broad dialogue between publication and art object, far more complex than the straightforward union of the two into the ‘art book.’ Somewhere in the Fold is a survey of the relationship between the current state of publishing and the art practices of contemporary artists. These disciplines have converged into processes of editing and editioning, making once disparate fields singular. The participating artists and publishers of Somewhere in the Fold approach this conversation by showing work that deliberately confuses the terms ‘publication’ and ‘art object’, while attempting to discover a place where they can exist together both in form and concept.”