Jesse Fillingham’s Mythical And Astral Paintings

Jesse Fillingham lives and works in Pasadena, CA. His cosmic paintings are usually framed within a geometric void. Drippy figures hover in and out of dark realms and grids. From a recent press release his work is described as “…exploring themes of myth, introspection, creation, and wizardry. A series of drawings depicts an alternate creation myth composed of trees of strife, knowledge and life, as well as ephemeral libidinous spirits – robed men ponder and wander through graphic landscapes.”

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Bubi Canal’s Surrealistic Whimsy

Bubi Canal – Chrystelle from Bubi Canal on Vimeo.

We have featured the work of Spanish artist Bubi Canal on the blog in the past (here). He currently lives and works in New York City and continues to produce larger than life photographs steeped in surrealistic whimsy. He has recently updated his website with new images, video, and plastic sculpture that exude childlike wonder. In his own words Canal aims to highlight “…wishes, dreams, magic and love” and we are excited to watch his imaginative world expand.

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Shoplifter’s Vibrant Sculptures Made With Hair

Icelandic artist Shoplifter aka Hrafnhildur Arnardottir lives and works in New York. “Her body of work as a whole exists in the gray area between visual art, performance, and design. Shoplifter has worked for several years exploring the use and symbolic nature of hair, and its visual and artistic potential. For Shoplifter hair is the ultimate thread that grows from our body. Hair is an original, creative fiber, a way for people to distinguish themselves as individuals, and often an art form. Humor plays a large roll in her life and work, sometimes subtly, but other times taking over. This humor extends to her love of playing with the juxtaposition of opposites. Like with her hair pieces- they appear beautiful evoking natural forms and plant life, but at the same time hair is considered grotesque and disturbing when it is not attached to the body, like hair in the shower drain. She uses traditional handcraft techniques like knitting, weaving, and braiding to create new forms of textiles, while referring to established methods in art. She is attracted to the playfulness found in folk art, naïvism, and handicraft which all have a strong influence on her organic process of creating work.”

Roxy Radulescu’s Breakdown Of Color In Film Stills

Roxy Radulescu lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to her many graphic design projects she is currently working on a series entitled Movies In Color in which she sheds light on the color composition found within single frames of famous films. Not only does deconstructing frames from a film like 2001: A Space Odyssey help to reveal a gorgeous color spectrum, it also highlights the masterful Cinematographer responsible for framing and shooting the picture. In her own words it is ” …a pursuit that showcases the relationship between color, cinematography, set design, and production design. Overall, it is a study of color in films, but has other uses and applications. One of the goals is to give artists color palettes they can use in paintings, films, videos, graphic design, and other pursuits. I search for stills that are compositionally interesting as well as rich in color. I use the help of a color generator to get a very basic range of swatches. Then I piece together the general palette from that and other colors I think are prominent or worth including from the still.”

Ben Sanders’ Whimsical Graphic Paintings

Ben Sanders lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. His wacky acrylic paintings are full of vibrant colors, characters, and objects. Always with a sense of humor, Sanders renders portraits like The Physical Imposibility Of A Politically Correct Thanksgiving Card with glee. Another series focuses on paintings of “Magic Shoes” against exuberant backdrops of slick geometric shapes. His joyfully off-kilter environments are a treat for the senses.

Brock Davis’ Playful Food Sculptures

Brock Davis lives and works in Minneapolis. In addition to many art and design projects he has an ongoing series of delightful sculptures made from the food he interacts with on a daily basis. Pieces like Broccoli House, Gummy Bear Skin Rug and Rice Krispyhenge are sure to entice laughter. Davis is one in a long line of creatives who inspire us to see mundane objects as opportunities to playfully manipulate.

Alex Ziv And Mario Ayala At FFDG

SF based Alex Ziv and Mario Ayala recently opened a two man exhibition entitled Going Nowhere at Fecal Face Dot Gallery (FFDG) in SF. From the press release: “Alex Ziv’s works, composed of pen and ink on paper, explore and help to define Ziv’s definition of “Americana” through the visual iconography and language of motorcycle subculture. Through exploring topics of contemporary and historical Americana through a background knowledge of mainstream and subversive symbology found in subcultures, Ziv’s work attempts to enhance and highlight topics of turbulence. Mario Ayala’s work is a further exploration of his lived experiences intertwined with the ideals of the West Coast ethos containing its ritualistic chachkies, cultural luxuries, and the anxieties due to taking mind altering substances while faced with the prioritized decision of guns or butta. Ayala creates pictorial hyperboles from friend/ family experiences to explore the trudges of economic class, multi cultural sacrosanct, and the day to day hustle for egalitarianism.” The show in on view through May 4th, 2013.

Lucia Scerankova’s Subtle Reality Shifts

Lucia Scerankova lives and works in Prague and London. Without the use of digital manipulation, Scerankova’s photographs often feature a single reality bending oddity within a mundane setting. In one image a marble slab appears to fold while walked upon, elsewhere a drip of coffee remains frozen in time. These subtle works are comforting and disorienting all at once and allow the viewer to question the nature of time, gravity, and memory. In her own words: “I am interested in active physical approach to photography, to deal with the relation between photography and spaciousness. Outcomes are then home to handmade analogue special effects without use of digital manipulation. Illusion, fiction and myth are the themes which are attractive for me in my practice. I deal with the relationship to perceived, experienced and imagined reality.”(via)