Do you have the need to update your status every living second? Well, P.A.U.S.E.S, a speculative concoction brewed up by designer and artist John Ryan, may be the perfect product for you! P.A.U.S.E.S. is a speculative device that monitors your behavior and interactions in order to automatically generating a ‘micro-status’ that is instantaneously displayed on your chest unit, as well as published to your online social profiles. The device can actually sense, via RFID tags, what you are doing, and tweets about it.

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OutRun: The Driving Game You Can Drive

Garnet Hertz, a research scientist at UCI, recently developed “OutRun,” a driving game that you can actually drive. The project’s physical form is a mashup between an arcade game from the 80s (OutRun) and a modern day golf cart complete with some sweet rims (check those things out!). Using computer vision, the graphics of the game are able to update in real time to correspond to the road ahead… making it possible to drive in a mixed reality! I don’t know about you, but I wish driving on the 10/110 interchange here in Los Angeles was this fun… Learn more about it works, and see it in action after the jump!

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Aldis Ozolins


Aldis Ozolins is a maker of zines, posters, and experimental illustrations that represent memories from the place he was born: Riga, Latvia. While Aldis’ current professional direction and focus is on graphic design and interactive experiences (both of which he is damn good at), we chose to feature his illustrative work and side-projects due to the strong emotional qualities embedded so clearly within each of the pieces. It’s easy to get lost in the figures and environments his images bring to life… enjoy a selection after the jump.

Travis Stearns

Graphic Designer, Travis Stearn, is sporting a really nice portfolio of poster design work. I’m loving the kind of messed-up, digi-punk, aesthetic to his work. As platforms for creating digital artwork become more and more accessible, it is interesting to see how the aesthetics of “DIY” have potentially evolved from scissors-and-glue to photoshop-and-MSpaint. Check out a compilation of our favorites after the jump!

Federico Pietrella

Artist Federico Pietrella was born in Rome and now lives and works in Berlin. His work gives new meaning to the term… “time-based media,” using time and date stamps (you know, the kind from libraries) to compose his artwork. Check out a good sampling after the jump.

Mattias Adolfsson’s cluttered little sketchbook


Mattias Adolfsson doesn’t leave much space on the pages of his notebook. Get lost in the whimsical clutter of robots, shelves of stuff, wires, cables, rockets, and just about everything else you can think of after the jump.

The Dark Side of the… Poster?

Atlanta based graphic designer, Stewart Scott-Curran, took on the task of graphically representing one of Pink Floyd’s best albums, The Dark Side of the Moon, track by track, with each poster representing a different song off the album. Personally, as a long time fan of Pink Floyd’s lyrical magic, it is really awesome to see how well Stewart nailed the narrative and emotion these songs carry. I don’t know about you, but I think these could make some good t-shirts. Check out more after the jump!

Annie Needham’s Empathetic Attachments

Annie Needham is a speculative designer, fiction writer, architect, knitter, and… empathetic attachment maker. Have you ever wanted to feel something, or some experience, that was completely out of reach? What could it be like to stand in a shark cage? Feel colors? Go Okie-Noodling? Well, with these “Empathetic Attachments,” you can. The devices create the experience for someone who wanted to feel the same stress, anxiety, and excitement of the event without necessarily doing it.