Thrift Store Paintings Transformed With Three Dimensional Typography

Inspired by his southern memories American artist Wayne White intervenes directly on vintage landscape reproductions, penetrating and filling the vintage scenes with three-dimensional words and phrases. Provocative, ironic and sometimes  humorous, his work explores cultural and social themes such as vanity, ego or pride. 

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Geometric Digital Illustrations Inspired By Music

American artist Andy Gilmore creates beautiful and hypnotic pieces of digital art by building complex graphic structures based on a kaleidoscopical dynamic.His work is often the result of interpreting scales and notes, reflecting and shaping melodies of some of the most influential and relevant musicians and music labels on the international scene.

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Eric Cahan And The Science Of Light


Intrigued by the power and nostalgia of Nature, New York based artist Eric Cahan has been devoting his time to long journeys, willing to observe and study the behavior of sun light and its impact on earth.

Cahan´s main project “Sky Series” invites you to get absorbed by unique shots of the sunrise and sunset, enigmatic and mysterious pieces titled only by location and time. Each photography is a visual and spiritual souvenir that captures a magic hour, a perfect and harmonious glow of natural light.