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Tom Sanford’s New York State Of Mind

Tom Sanford

Tom Sanford

Tom Sanford

Tom Sanford just might be todays urban Norman Rockwell. Like the famed painter from the mid 1900’s Sanford is concerned with American culture. From paintings of famed rappers such as Tupac to history paintings featuring sleazy right wing radio hosts, Sanford documents, interprets and comments on the American psyche.

For his latest show opening this Saturday at Kravets|Wehby Sanford painted the famous, eccentric, historical, powerful and colorful residents of New York City that inspire him. Film maker Spike Lee,  street artist Steven Powers, and even Mayor Bloomberg make appearances in paintings that shift from smooth graphic rendering to impasto patterning.

“I didn’t grow up in New York City but I moved here to attend Columbia at eighteen. I remember around that time my grandfather told me that “When you leave Broadway you’re camping out.” I have been here (pretty much) ever since, and I plan to stay. I relate to Dylan Ebdus in Lethem’s “The Fortress of Solitude.” I feel like I am missing it all, between my pathological devotion to my studio and my daddy duties I can go days without leaving home at all, and sometimes weeks without getting on the subway. But I need New York City. I feed of the culture. All the amazing people who inhabit this magical place, doing fantastic things. They create an energy, or perhaps an anxiety, that nourishes me and I must be close to the source. Hopefully I am contributing that energy as well.

For this show I made New York genre paintings, portraits and scenes of ordinary life in my city. The portraits are of some of the thousands of New Yorkers that make this place so rich. These are people that I associate very strongly with New York and the city’s culture. Some of them are people I have met, some I know, some I have just seen at a deli or on the street.  –Tom Sanford

See more works by Tom Sanford here and check out a studio visit we did with him a while back here.

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iPhone App Puts Artists At The Forefront With It’s Content Publishing Platform

The folks over at the Chiizu  have just relaunched the app and totally revamped their content publishing platform. It’s easier than ever to browse the shop and preview artists themes like Junko Mizuno, Aya Kato, Jesse LeDoux and Skwak.

Chiizu partners with artists and designers from around the world to bring exclusive visual content to your fingertips. The brand new publishing platform acts like a gallery so every theme you buy supports the artists you love. Chiizu’s artist content is exclusive, you won’t find it on any other photo decoration app.

Sponsored Post: Heineken’s Departure Roulette Challenges You To Open Up Your World & Abandon Your Travel Plans

Have you ever been sharing a beer with a friend and in the feel-good haze that happens after the third beer, utter to them, “What if we went to the airport right now and just picked a random place to go?” The feeling of going anywhere in the world, that with one credit card swipe you could wake up in a new place, is so thrilling, so invigorating and so freeing.

Well Heineken challenged airport goers to open up their worlds by giving them the chance to do just that. Heineken’s Departure Roulette concept takes this fantasy and makes it a reality by parking a board loaded with random destinations in a busy airport. Travelers are challenged to take the plunge, push the button, and abandon whatever their plans were for that day. If they accept the challenge they could be flying anywhere from Portugal to Laos and they have to leave right then and there.

So the next time you’re walking through the airport doors, day dreaming about where you could be going instead of where you should be going, keep an eye out for Heineken’s Departure Roulette and you could end up half way around the world instead of at your high school reunion.

Glitz And Pixie Stix- Art Benefit For The Center For The Arts Eagle Rock


Pop over to Leanna Lin’s Wonderland at 5024 Eagle Rock Blvd. on July 27th from 6-10pm.  On the main gallery wall Leanna Lin’s Wonderland + Rooney Hardwick present Glitz & Pixie Stix “sugar plum dumpling rainbow faces with freckles on top”. 18 artists will be exhibiting whimsical paintings, mixed media art and plush, along with Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (CFAER) student “Clay Jammers” ceramics art! A portion of the art sales will be donated to the CFAER “Imagine Studio”, which is an after school enrichment program bringing arts back into the LAUSD. They currently serve 11 elementary and middle schools in the Northeast Los Angeles.

Made With Color Presents: Hidenori Ishii’s Pixelated Utopia

hidenori ishii painting
hidenori ishii painting
Beautiful/Decay has partnered with premiere website building platform Made With Color  to bring you some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. Made With Color allows you to create a website that is professional and accessible with just a few clicks and no coding. This week we bring you the explosive work and sleek website of Hidenori Ishii.
Working in-between modes of abstraction and representation Hidenori Ishii’s pixelated and psychological work come to focus and self deconstruct over and over again. Following constellations reminiscent of the realization and submerged mind, Ishii rigidly depicts the structure of fantasy with a sense of utopian hope.
“My work suggests integrated psychological and environmental systems that allude to a self-contained biosphere built on a lifetime of collected idiosyncrasies. 
I believe painting is where actuality and possibility meet with one’s intention. As a landfill utilizes the progresses of nature of a long period of time, I’m interested in visual and symbolic dialogue of between man’s intention and nature’s inevitabilities. Using combination of patterns both from nature and man-made, my paintings suggest transformations, erosions and constructions of improbable environments. Through its evident execution, my work creates a space where submerged human or natural potentials are rendered visible over time.”

Sponsored Post: Republic Wireless Gives You Filet Mignon At Bacon Prices

Everyone is on a smart phone these days and most of use are probably paying a small fortune. Republic Wireless proposes we stop paying “filet mignon prices” for bacon. Republic Wireless offers unlimited Data, talk and text for $19- that’s about a quarter of what we here at the B/D offices pay a month for our smart phones. Depending on who you’re with your “unlimited data” can mean your data gets slowed down at the end of the month when you’ve used too much, which can be really annoying. Republic Wireless offers a straightforward solution to your cell phone needs- no contracts, no overages, no hidden agendas.

Republic Wireless pioneered a thing called Hybrid Calling technology. That means your phone works on both Wi-Fi networks AND cell—so it’s double the coverage of other networks.

But that’s not the only advantage. Calls, texts, and data over Wi-Fi cost very little. They have kicked off their service with the Motorola DEFY XT that works with their Wi-Fi Hybrid calling technology, so iPhone users will have to wait to save bundles of money. But we’re really excited to see Republic Wireless offer an alternative in the smart phone world that’s actually affordable for everyone!


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