Joyce Ho

I had first came across Joyce Ho’s creepy and jarring collection of paintings on the Creative Quarterly website. When looking at her strong body of work, I often feel like I have come across a moment of surrender. The people in her predominantly yellow world are usually hunched over, or on the floor. Their eyes, which are dull with little to no sparkle of life, are what haunts me the most.

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Sarah Williamson

Check out Sarah Williamson’s prints and fill up with a sense of dark whimsy, which is what her work has a tendency to do. Incredibly decorative, surreal, and a sprinkle of naivete.

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Zhang Xiao

Zhang Xiao, a Chinese freelance photographer, knows just how to grip the viewer’s attention. Incredibly nostalgic, and dream-like, these photos have a way of keeping themselves in our thoughts. I especially enjoyed his series entitled: They I, They II, and They III.

Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace

Artists Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace’s
recent series entitled “Love Land Invaders,” is a portfolio of fashion, art, and “luxurious pop” set in some of Japan’s extraordinary love hotels. I feel like I am peeping in on some superhero’s intimate moment!

Jose Manuel Hortelano-Pi


Madrid based illustrator, Jose Manuel Hortelano-Pi, creates these wonderfully detailed pen and watercolor works. I for one especially enjoy his black and white drawings (like the above.)

Odran Edward


You may feel a feeling of familiarity in Toronto based painter Odran Edward’s work. Odran is inspired by the classical spiritual sculptures, and explores them by creating psychedelic-impressionist paintings of them.

Ivonne Dippmann


Ivonne Dippmann’s unflattering, raw, and distorted drawings of hefty men in disguises is not what one would describe as “gorgeous.” But it is, maybe not right off the bat, but the obvious attention to the design and detail of shape, texture, and mark-making pulls these into one heck of a killer style of drawing.

Jon Fox

Floss Face

Jon Fox, artist from the South coast (near Bournemouth,) usually works with the issues of emotion, where the mind is often at war with the heart. He creates a world of conflict, tension, and drama that his characters must confront.