Oliver Wasow

Ranier Valley, Washington

Ranier Valley, Washington

New York-based photographer Oliver Wasow works mostly with digital photography, having taught it at Bard and SVA. He creates hyperrealistic, crisp landscapes that at times can look like portals into another world. And while he’s refrained from it recently, his composite work from the late 90s is my favorite.

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Logan Fleming

Bruce Springsteen, 5'10"

Bruce Springsteen, 5'10"

I recently came upon this online listing for an auction of wax figures which took place at the Hollywood Wax Museum on May 15. Most of the sculptures were apparently made by a man named Logan Fleming (who there is very little information about online). Now I must admit I’ve never been to a wax museum, but I was stunned at how downright awful some of these are. Figures have poor wardrobe selection, weird unnatural skin tones, oddly disproportional body parts, and/or just don’t really look anything like who they’re supposed to. The result is often hilarious, and if it were Mr. Fleming’s intention to make these look so strange (which I’m fairly sure it wasn’t), I could easily see them being presented as works of art. Some of my favorites are after the jump, but please look at the link…there are many more than I could ever put on this blog.

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Home de Caramel

“Dame Otro Papel” is the name of the new music video from Barcelona hip-hop group El Gremio. The video, featuring some nice stop-motion animation, was done by Spanish animation studio Home de Caramel. Check out their site for more work, including some cool industrial design stuff.

Florentijn Hofman


“Dushi” is the title of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman‘s current exhibition, on display until July 4th, 2009 at Gallery West in the Hague, Netherlands. The show is comprised of gigantic stuffed animals “where the change of scale completely changes their function and feeling.” The giant animal motif is not a new one for Hofman, as you’ll see after the jump.

Luke Painter


Canadian artist Luke Painter works in many disciplines, including drawing, printmaking, and mixed media installation pieces, though I think what I enjoy most are his Flash animations. These animations, which seem to be procedurally generated to some extent, depict a futuristic urban landscape in which structures come alive with moving mechanical parts.

Ross Racine


I was quite surprised when I found out the work of Canadian artist Ross Racine was completely hand-drawn. While some compositions are more realistic than others, all of them could pass fairly easily as documentary aerial photography of yesteryear, perhaps taken from government planes after the great post-war suburban explosion. Some of his drawings are minimal, some much more complexly textured; all present an interesting fictional view of suburban and rural America.

Caroline de Vries

Caroline de Vries, Unknown - Known

Caroline de Vries, Unknown - Known

Caroline de Vries’ portrait photography is stunning. She experiments with the medium of photography as well as with the context and presentation. Through this exploration she encourages the viewer to construct links between subject and context. In “Unknown – Known” she assembles a “visual relationship” between two strangers by replicating the facial expression, position and facial features of a found portrait.

Eric Timothy Carlson

Eric Carlson - Figures From Life

Eric Timothy Carlson is a renaissance man interested in all forms of art and design. His “Figures from Life” illustrations are some of the most beautiful I have seen today. Carlson reinvents already existing images by integrating simple, but bold forms that obscure or transform the subject. Also lovely are his print and typographic projects that he does in collaboration with Michael Cina. Make sure you check out his work in our upcoming book Supernaturalism!