CuteCircuit’s “GalaxyDress”

Yes, please! I would like to wear my television. London based fashion company CuteCircuit specializes in “wearable technology”. If you think your TV and computer weren’t enough how about wearing it. What “it” is a dress embroidered with over 24,000 color LEDs. The dress has become a permanent piece at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in order to celebrate its 75 years.

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Anastasia Cazabon


Anastasia Cazabon’s photos contain such compelling settings and backdrops that it feels very calm and serene. With a soft color palette, natural and living environments, she manifest dramatic, playful and melancholic imagery.

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Karim Hamid

Picture 7

The work of Karim Hamid, as the artist states is “interested in the process by which the female figure is objectified by the archetypal male gaze.” The naked figures are mutilated and leveled to one plane with the background making the main objects in the paintings create tension since they’re all sharing one dimension. The subtle muted colors, and the rough painting manner combined with bedrooms as backdrops, portray an indication of the women’s figure objectification throughout history, as well as today’s media insatiable need of it.



The people at Actop, a Barcelona based creative agency, have a new website and updated it with some new awesome projects. They collaborate with many artists and experiment on a wide range of media: print, animation, motion graphics, live visuals and new approaches to the moving image.

Their latest work is a two short piece to promote Nova, a creative event at the Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS) in São Paulo. Here are some screencaps of the shorts but you can watch the full shorts here.

Steve Seeley

Steve Seeley, painting

What I like about the work of Steve Seeley, besides the awesome Ultraman, Superman and many other super heroes in his paintings, it’s the subtle way of combing elements that you wouldn’t really see as a backdrop for these characters. From wild bears and monkeys to forests, rainbows, cowboys and astronauts, he is able to combine all these characters and elements to make a pretty hilarious combination in each painting.


Kee, illustration, graphic design

I have to say I’m very fond of the work of illustrator and graphic designer KEE. The bright and fun quirky characters and illustration compliment nicely the colors and composition. Check it out!

Kevin Hayes


Kevin Hayes is a Los Angeles based photographer with some really interesting and compelling imagery. What I find most interesting about his work it’s the way he captures and unveils the many characters in the photographs. Playing with the muted colors, lighting and backgrounds there’s is the sensation that time has stopped and a tension of what would have happened next after the shot was taken.

Richard Hughes

Loveseat, 2005

Loveseat, 2005

Richard Hughes is an artist living and working in London. Although there hasn’t been any recent work from him, one of my favorite pieces would have to be Loveseat, 2005. From 2003 to 2008, he has produced a variety of works that one way or another seem to address this methodical juxtaposition between urban decadence of objects and organic matter.